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100 Thoughts I had While Watching The New Game Of Thrones Episode (Season 8, Episode 2)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Dartmouth chapter.

As you might know from some of my previous articles, I truly love Game of Thrones. I think the characters are so interesting. All of them have gone through so many changes and I am so excited for the new season! So here are 100 thoughts I had while watching the new episode (Season 8, Episode 2) and my final conclusion about the episode. 


Live reaction 

  1. Okay wow these opening credits are so good. I love how they take us inside of buildings now!
  2. The music is breathtaking!
  3. This episode is gonna end badly. The last one was way too happy. 
  4. Omg they start with the Dany-Jaime reunion right away. That’s a move. 
  5. Dany has no movement in her facial expressions. Wow. Espcially impressive if you have ever seen an interview with Emilia Clarke, who basically talks with her eyebrows. 
  6. Jaime is just trying to get back his honor. I hope he doesn’t die. 
  7. If I were Dany, I would distrust him too.
  8. Sansa siding with Dany? Wow…
  9. Hahahaha Bran „the things we do for love“. What a throwback to Season 1. Also, seems like he finally left the courtyard! 
  10. Brienne protecting Jaime. Wow. That’s something we wouldn’t have expected a couple seasons ago. 
  11. The real question: Does Brienne end up with Jaime or with Tormund? 
  12. Awwww the way Jaime looks at Brienne. Someone is standing up for him. He hasn’t experienced that in a while. 
  13. I need more Grey Worm scenes. Especially Grey Worm and Missandei. 
  14. How does Dany have time to braid her hair like that? That must take ages! She has a kingdom to get back. 
  15. Bran staring at Jaime is a mood. Will we see something else from Bran than staring?  
  16. Dany is done with other people‘s BS… Let’s hope she trusts the right people. 
  17. Arya and Gendry… That’s a thing people ship right? I don’t quite understand that. Arya was such a child when she met him and he was a lot older. I see them as big brother and little sister (and *not* in. Cersei-Jaime relationship…)  
  18. Arya‘s way of flirting: talk about fighting. 
  19. Arya‘s way of impressing boys: throwing dragonglass Spears. Gendry is clearly impressed 
  20. Omg Jaime is going towards Bran. That’s a reunion we’ve been waiting to. This is gonna be awkward. “Need a push?“ “Need a hand?“
  21. “I would still be Brandon Stark.” “You’re not” “I am something else” uhm okay 
  22. Jaime is as confused as me. 
  23. What does Bran (or whoever or whatever he is) really know?! 
  24. Tyrion and Jaime talking about Daenerys… It’s a valid question. Is Daenerys different than other Targaryens? Is she the real villain? Will she turn mad?
  25. Okay real questions now: is Cersei pregnant?! She’s still drinking tons of wine? Did she sleep with Euron to cover up that it’s Jaime’s baby? She hasn’t been too shy about telling other people in the past seasons. 
  26. “At least Cersei won’t kill me.” But will you kill her, Tyrion? Omg please tell me he wasn’t predicting the future there. I don’t want him to die and then his dead self to kill Cersei. 
  27. Brienne’s way is flirting: talking about war tactics. These girls have interesting flirt techniques. 
  28. “You want me to insult?” “No.” “Good.” Hahahah 
  29. Wow. Jaime serving under Brienne’s command. And Jaime admitting he isn’t good at something. 
  30. Daenerys looks exhausted. 
  31. Oh poor Joras. Forever friendzoned. 
  32. I need more Sansa-Daenerys scenes. Thank you. I want them to become friends. But it’s not looking good. 
  33. Hey. There’s some smiling and common ground between the two of them. 
  34. “We both know what it means to lead people who aren’t inclined to accept a woman‘s rule. And we’ve both done a damn good job at it.“ Yes Dany!! Women support women. Give each other advice instead of tearing each other apart. 
  35. Why is Sansa so cold towards Dany? 
  36. “Men do stupid things for women. They’re easily manipulated” hahaha 
  37. “Tell me, who manipulated whom?” Dany. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by Jon. You don’t need him. 
  38. Dany still doesn’t know she’s his aunt!!!!! 
  39. “Someone taller” Hahahaha 
  40. I love them bonding!! Yessss
  41. Sansa really isn’t playing around with the North. There goes the bonding… 
  42. Theon Greyjoy. How he survived all of this is a wonder to me. 
  43. Awwwwww Sansa and Theon reuniting is giving me goosebumps. They both probably had the most awful storyline out of everyone…
  44. Gilly!!!!!! My friend and I really just want Gilly, Sam and little Sam to be happy and have a potato farm. 
  45. Damn that little girl already wants to fight. 
  46. She must’ve reminded Ser Davos of Shireen…
  47. Jon. Here you are. When are you going to tell Danny about the fact that you are her nephew?! Hello?! That’s important. Then again, he doesn’t want the Iron Throne, so maybe he doesn’t want to tell her that’s he’s the rightful heir?  
  48. Tormund hahahaha I love him! I am so glad he survived. 
  49. Omg hahaha I love Tormund even more now. “The big woman still here?” That actually made me laugh out loud. 
  50. Oh gosh. Is a big battle actually gonna happen this episode?? I am not ready for the death of a main character. 
  51. Oh Bran… What are you talking about? 
  52. Why does the Night King want to erase this world?
  53. Maybe Bran just needs to sacrifice himself? 
  54. Theon wants to defend Bran now. He really wants to get back his honor. 
  55. Yes. Please protect Tyrion at all cost. 
  56. Tormund hahaha “We’ll all die but at least we will die together.” *intensely stares at Brienne*  
  57. Jon still hasn’t told Dany. Wow. Is anyone gonna tell her? How about you, Bran? Or Sam? 
  58. Am I about to get a Grey Worm and Missandei scene??
  59. Thank you Sam for asking Jon if he’s told Dany!!! 
  60. Is that Ghost I see there?? Wow it’s been a while!! We were promised Ghost and I am glad we were given Ghost. 
  61. Wow. Sam has done a lot actually. But I also really really really don’t want Sam to die. 
  62. They have come a long way. 
  63. Tyrion and Jaime bonding. I love love love it. 
  64. Their whole dialogue is great!! 
  65. “Self-betterment”. Both of them have truly have done that. 
  66. “Half cup.” *fills it up all the way to the top* It’s like that video where the woman is like “one shot of vodka” *keeps pouring* 
  67. Wow more and more people are joining this wholesome fireside chat. Wouldn’t mind joining it myself. 
  68. Tormund is coming in and Brienne is already there!!! This can only be good!! 
  69. Their stares are too good. 
  70. Smart camerawork there. Jaime in the background staring at Tormund and Brienne. 
  71. “Giantsbane.” We all want to hear that story now. 
  72. Tormund’s way of flirting… talking about giant’s milk. Brienne looks a bit shocked and Jaimes’s stares are too much for me!!!   
  73. Arya and The Hound!! I need more dialogue here. 
  74. The Hound’s intentions are beyond me to be honest… 
  75. Wow. Arya is peeeeetty. 
  76. Gendry is creepily starting at Arya practicing with weapons. Her way of flirting seems to work best out of all the ways we’ve seen in this episode. 
  77. Gendry is talking about getting his blood sucked out and Arya just wants to know how many women he has been with. Lol. 
  78. And there it is. They are kissing. I am still confused by how old they’re each supposed to be. 
  79. Wow. Arya has many scars. 
  80. The fireside chat seems to be a bit awkward now. It is an interesting round. 
  81. Tyrion is very optimistic here. I hope he’s right. 
  82. “I’m no king. But if I were, I’d knight you ten times over”. Now that’s how you get Brienne of Tarth to be in love with you. 
  83. Wow never mind. Jaime is actually knighting her. Now that’s how you get Brienne of Tarth to fall in love with you. 
  84. She’s proving women can really be whatever they want on this show now. 
  85. Please let Jaime knight her before anything bad happens. 
  86. I am getting goosebumps. 
  87. She’s actually a knight now!!!!! This is wonderful. 
  88. Awwww Tormund smiling at her is adorable. He’s so proudly clapping. Wow. 
  89. Jaime nodding at Brienne is cute!! He’s like “you’re welcome” but he isn’t taking much credit but giving her time to shine in the moment. I love this. 
  90. Lyanna!!!! The real badass!! 
  91. This entire episode is just buildup to the battle. This episode is gonna end on a cliffhanger. I can feel it coming. 
  92. “I hope we win”. Me too, Sam. Me too. 
  93. We haven’t seen Cersei all episode. And we didn’t see much of her last episode. I know she’s disappointed about not getting her elephants but I want more of her! I definitely want a Cersei-Sansa reunion. 
  94. Grey Worm and Missandei kiss. Short but so passionate. 
  95. Jon and Dany. The episode is almost over. He’s gonna tell her, the episode will end and I won’t get to see her reaction for another 7 days, am I right or am I right?! 
  96. Oh he’s staring at Lyanna Stark. His damn mother. 
  97. Oh Dany. You’re talking about Jon’s father there. And no, Rhaegar didn’t rape Lyanna. 
  98. Why does Jon not have the silver Targaryen hair, by the way? 
  99. Wow. Poor Dany. There she finally falls in love with someone and now it’s her nephew. And the guy who has a claim to the Iron Throne. 
  100. The horn. We know what that sound means. There it is. The army of dead. Of course the episode is ending now. No no no no. 7 more days of waiting?! That’s not fair!!! Ugh why did Netflix get me used to binge watching?! I am not used to waiting!!! 


I loved the new episode. I feel like people will complain that not much happened but I actually love these episodes where it’s just dialogue. It’s so interesting to see how all these characters interact. I’d honestly watch a whole reality TV show with them. 

I think it was interesting to see how these characters all dealt with the last night before the big battle. It is probably an unpopular opinion, but I actually think I prefer these episodes where it’s just talking because I just how the dynamics between them. 

Also, I do not think I am ready for the new episode, because that is gonna be a big battle and I am scared of who is going to die… 

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