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10 Reasons to Love Halloween

Because, inside all of us, there’s a Scream Queen.

  1. You get to EAT CAND—I mean… give it out to the trick-or-treaters.

  2. Play tricks! If you’re that kinda person, you’ll dress up as a scarecrow to scare the sheet out of trick-or-treaters. No? Did I just get unlucky when I was trick-or-treating?


  4. Pretend to be somebody else! And nobody calls you out on it because it’s a costume.

  5. You get to scream and run for your life in haunted houses…and have fun!

  6. Scare your friends. Scare your dog. Scare your loved ones. Scare your cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, snakes, chameleons, and tarantulas!

  7. Carve pumpkins. Give them faces. Words. A life of their own.

  8. Decorate things. Put spiderwebs everywhere but be nice to the spiders. They just want to live their best, eight-legged lives.

  9. Engage in your inner emo kid and revel in Tim Burton. Nightmare Before Christmas. Edward Scissorhands. Corpse Bride. Sweeney Todd.

  10. Enjoy the true spirit of the season. Binge-watch AHS. Go out into a corn maze with no cell reception. Split up the party and don’t get a meeting place. But most importantly, if a puppet asks you to play a game, say no.


Stay safe this Halloween! ;)


Sophia Whittemore is a Correspondent for the Dartmouth HXCampus branch. When not working on HXCampus, they're writing webcomics on Webtoons, Pride books for Wattpad, was a staff writer at AsAm News, and has published the "Impetus Rising" series back when they were in high school. Sophia's also a geek, but who isn't?
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