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New to Halifax and looking for the best thrift spots? Here is a curated list of the most notable thrift and vintage stores in Halifax’s South and North ends.

The Loot – 1711 Barrington St, Halifax.

The Loot is one of the closest vintage stores to Dalhousie. It’s a great place to stock up on early Y2K fashion styles that have recently resurged in popularity. Notable brands you’ll often find here are good Levi’s jeans, Dickies and Carhartt pants. The price range is pretty midrange – I bought a pair of Levi’s for around $46.

The Hasbin – 2738 Agricola St, Halifax.

The Hasbin offers a variety of fun and colourful pieces. A notable gem you can sometimes find is those Audrey Hepburn-style silk scarves. Another fantastic thing about the Hasbin is its size inclusivity. If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll see a variety of plus-sized outfits put together on their stories; Additionally, their website has photos of  models wearing clothes up to 2 and 3 XL. Their prices typically range from $20 to $50, making it a more affordable place to find cute vintage and used clothes.

Kings Pier Vintage – 1869 Upper Water St, Halifax.

Kings Pier Vintage is the store to go if you are looking for blazers or cowboy boots and are willing to pay a significant price. Expect any item you buy to range from at least $75 to over $250. It’s also a notable place for selling many leather goods and classic styles.

Lost & Found – 2383 Agricola St, Halifax.

I associate this vintage store with lots of fun patterned clothes. You can expect to find florals, plaids, and stripes. Prices will range from $25 to nearly $50. You can also find some cute accessories made by local crafters here.

Sadie Preloved – Instagram

If you don’t have time to buy vintage clothes in person, Halifax has numerous Instagram sellers. Sadie Preloved offers feminine clothes, often neutral or pastel in colour. The price range is around $25 to $60. You can pick up clothes from her in Downtown Dartmouth, or there is a delivery fee of $10. If the idea of purchasing clothes through an Instagram account seems sketchy, I can assure you that I had a positive experience buying off her page.

Curio Collective – 1800 Argyle Street.

Another vintage experience for any new or old Haligonian is the Curio Collective. It is a vintage show/market where numerous second-hand sellers around Halifax get together to sell various items. Whether you are looking for vintage playboy magazines, old records, or some cute second-hand clothes, you can likely find it all at the Curio Collective. There is typically a $5 admission fee, but I would say it is worth at least a one-time the experience. The Fall Vintage Show is coming up on October 1st and 2nd at the Lighthouse Arts Centre.

Thus concludes my rundown on some of Halifax’s most notable vintage spots.

Happy thrifting!

Jessica Duffney

Dalhousie '24

I am a Dalhousie student studying political science and going into my third year. I have joined Her Campus to explore my interests beyond politics, and write about Halifax from a university student perspective – particularly about the cafés, the markets, and the amazing small businesses.