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From Austin and Ally to the Driver Era: All things Ross Lynch from a Mega Fan

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I’m sure we have all come across Ross Lynch for something he’s done, whether it be making music with his brother Rocky, his Disney stardom, or playing Sabrina Spellman’s goody two shoes boyfriend in the well known Riverdale spin off. I, for one, have been a super fan since I can remember and am ecstatic to see everyone loving him and his music. 

If you live under a rock, you might be asking who even is Ross Lynch? Allow me to explain; He’s an actor, songwriter, hockey enthusiast, even a model for a hot second there. 

Most famously however, Ross is the singer in a musical duo called The Driver Era, which includes himself and his brother, Rocky Lynch. The two produce alt rock/indie music and have been playing sold-out shows on their ongoing tour. They have produced 3 long play albums: X, Girlfriend, and Summer Mixtape. Girlfriend is my personal favourite, not only because most of the songs are about Ross’s beautiful girlfriend, Jazz Sinclair, but also because the whole record is beautifully produced. Every song on the album has somehow made its way to almost every one of my playlists. In addition to The Driver Era, Ross was also in another band called R5 back in the day with the rest of his siblings. The group was short-lived, but they definitely had some good songs that I play once in a while for nostalgia purposes. 

Ross got his big break on Disney Channel, playing the titular Austin Moon in the show Austin and Ally. This era belongs to what I like to call “Phase 2” of the Disney Channel, as the show came out when most of us were getting too old to watch Disney. Austin and Ally was a predecessor to some “Phase 1” classics, like Hannah Montana. 

Seeing as how a newer Ross Lynch fan might have completely missed that part of his career, it’s definitely something to look into. He played an up-and-coming musician, who transforms from one-hit wonder to international superstar alongside his songwriting partner, Ally. I’ve watched this show a few too many times, one of my guilty pleasures for sure. If you were to check out some of his newer and better projects, you should definitely watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, where he plays Harvey, or his portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer in My Friend Dahmer. He also was a main character in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie and its sequel Teen Beach 2. I’m sure everybody has seen these movies at least once, and if not, maybe it’s time you do. Respectfully. 

Now that I have laid out all that there is to know about the internet’s soon-to-be newest obsession (unless the obsession has already begun), I hope you adore his work as much as I do. 


A Ross Lynch mega-fan

Khyati Chawla

Dalhousie '25

Khyati is a film studies student at Dalhousie University planning to work in the film industry after graduation. In her free time you will find her watching movies in the movie theatre, making extremely specific playlists, reading romance novels, or obsessively watching sitcoms.