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Fashion Projections – Fall 2022

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Dalhousie chapter.

At the end of every summer when we endure the anxious feeling of the start of a new school year approaching, we know it’s finally time for the best fashion season of the year: Fall. The turn of the seasons highlights a long anticipated wait to break out our chunky sweaters and oversized jackets, creating the perfect palette-cleanser from the overdone Summer fashion. Even with this exciting change of temperatures, we often find ourselves lost on what to wear especially on a university budget. We often turn our heads to our fashion moguls, Emma Chamberlain or Bella Hadid for inspo but look no further, I’ve compiled a list of the must-have items for this Fall season for all the ‘It-Girls’ and academics out there. 

Chunky Scarves

The chunky scarf trend began back in winter 2021. These cold-weather essentials create a statement piece to an ordinary outfit such as jeans and a plain t-shirt. The chunky scarf has also helped to incorporate colour back into fall fashion which has been absent in recent years. Subbing in a chunky scarf into our wardrobe not only offers a perfect Fall accessory but is also super practical for the colder Canadian fall months. 

All Things (Faux) Leather

Leather has been on the rise for the past few years now, specifically for going out/nightwear fashion. This fall expect to see leather incorporated into everyday wear in many different ways. A staple leather jacket can add a nice touch to a simple outfit while still maintaining a casual everyday look. Leather pants can easily be dressed down for daywear by pairing them with more casual top and shoe pieces. The integration of leather into daywear clothing will add a put together look in a super easy way. Another way I’ve been incorporating this into my style is in a tote bag. This adds a super practical and more long lasting alternative to the typical cloth-based tote we’ve seen in years past. 


Emma Chamberlain initiated loafers back into style a few years ago and they have been on the rise ever since. Loafers add the perfect Matilda Djerf “it girl” aesthetic we are all searching for with just one simple accessory. A classic loafer is the perfect starter shoe, however it can be substituted with Mary Janes or heeled loafers for a more feminine look. Loafers can be styled in so many ways but a few of my favourites are with a simple leather jacket, or a bit more dressed up with a dress or skirt. 

Cowboy Boots

We tried to push this one to the side and leave them in Summer, but it is time to officially call these the shoes of the season. Cowboy boots are everywhere and I hate to say it but they really do work. Cowboy boots add a little extra to the typical knee-high boots that come back every season. These are so easily paired with a simple jeans and tee look that it’s almost impossible to look away. I think everyone needs to have these in their closet this fall for a simple accessory to tie together an outfit.

Button-Up Vests

Yes, it may be a little impractical but this one is SO worth the look. Academia is a recurring theme in fall fashion and this year is no exception. The vest trend started with the sweater vest and continues to be elevated each year, this year being the button up vest. Adding this underneath a blazer, on its own or paired with a mini skirt adds the perfect fall touch to any look. These are super easy to thrift and also create a one-of-a-kind staple wardrobe piece. We’ve been seeing neutral vests that look great with layering and neutral toned outfits, or using a patterned vest to add colour and vibrance to an outfit. 

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Chaya Mohan

Dalhousie '24

Chaya is a third year Dalhousie student studying kinesiology with an interest in gender equality specifically within the world of sport. In her spare time you can find her buying ten dollar iced coffees, trying out new restaurants in Halifax, and watching the same five TV shows on repeat. Chaya is extremely excited to be a part of the team this year for Her Campus at Dal!