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5 Ways to Rediscover The Magic of the Holidays

Adjusting to life away from home has been challenging for many students. With the holidays fast approaching and as we prepare for our final exams, it can feel like Santa has forgotten about us “big kids.” 

There are small things you can do in your everyday life to celebrate the holiday season. I like the word magic as opposed to “spirit” partially because of the imagery the word elicits – witches and wizards at Hogwarts casting spells and saving lives, a little girl who was mysteriously born with angel wings, or hair that can change colour on a whim. Magic is what separates us from reality and brings us into a warmer, more inviting world. Doesn’t that sound like Christmas? 

This list is comprised of 5 ways you can bring a little Christmas magic into your life: 

  1. Decorate your apartment/dorm room.

Visit the dollar store or your local Value Village and grab a few things to decorate your home. Twinkling lights on your window sill and a decorative snowman can do wonders. If you’re like me, and are on the cheaper side, hit up the best shop in town: Mom’s House. Lucky for me, she has great taste. 

  1. Reach out to your loved ones

Let’s be honest here, when a day goes wrong, the first thing I want to do is hop on a bus and head straight home. While FaceTime is not even close to the real thing, being able to see my loved one’s faces and hear their voices has brought me comfort during my first holiday season away from home. 

  1. Try holiday baking

Although I am the “worst baker of all time” according to my sister, my subpar attempts at making holiday treats bring me real joy. Who doesn’t love shortbread cookies? (Or sugar cookies, candy cane topped brownies, the list goes on…) 

  1. Do a Christmas craft 

My old friend the Dollar Store comes in handy again here. There are many Christmas crafts on sale right now. These crafts can also double as holiday decor. Also, there’s always the option of constructing a gingerbread dreamhouse. This option is better as you get to make a cute craft and stuff your face when you’re done. 

  1. Read a holiday themed book

 A good writer creates an atmosphere that their reader can easily fall into – getting lost in the fictional world and leaving reality behind. If you’re in need of some Christmas cheer, there are many holiday novels that can transport you to a place where only the best things happen during the holidays. And as usual, I have some recommendations: 

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. This novel is made up of three short stories about teenagers going on adventures and falling in love. I would not call this book profound, but reading it feels like that first sip of candy cane hot chocolate – a Christmas explosion. The adapted Netflix film of the same name is also worth checking out, being the perfect teen movie: sappy and full of heart. 

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren, the popular romance duo, follows a girl who is stuck reliving her Christmas vacation over and over. What you’ll discover is a story of love, self-assurance and cheesy holiday goodness. 

While life will never be as simple as the world depicted in Hallmark movies, the holiday season is still worth celebrating. Using the above list, I hope you can find a few ways to bring some Christmas magic back into your life. You don’t need Santa in order to have a magical holiday. Life changes but magic is not lost just because you grow up, even the Grinch would tell you that.

Angèle Hatton

Dalhousie '24

Angèle is a second year Sociology and Social Anthropology student at the University of King's College. In her spare time, you'll find her listening to audiobooks on her hot girl daily walks, watching Gilmore Girls (again), or reading a romance novel, hot tea in hand.
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