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Why You Should Own a Pet in College

Pets can teach you responsibility 

Taking a pet into your home can be a huge responsibility, but as with most other first-time college adventures, it can be a great learning experience. Pets require a lot of attention, so it is important that you are balancing your time between work, school, and pet-time. This responsibility may not be for everyone, but once mastered it is a huge skill that can be used throughout life!

Pets are great for your emotional health

Have you ever left your puppy at home for hours in its kennel, so long that you deserve at least a little bit of the cold-shoulder. But then exexperience a very enthusiastic greeting from them when you got back? Your pets have an uncanny ability to forgive you for literally everything. While a friend might be annoyed if you left them in boredom without saying anything, pets have an undying love for their humans, and for most of them, their owners are their whole lives. Recognizing this little fact helps give us pet-lovers a sense of purpose. Pets not only make us feel loved, they help us love! This connection between human and pet, can help reduce depression!

Not only that, but interacting with an animal can trigger your body to release stress-reducing hormones called oxytocin. This means, whether you are nervous for a test, or have forms of anxiety, your pet can actually calm you down, making it easier to have a clear head for whatever task lies ahead.

Pets improve your health

Many people know that owning pets can help on a psychological or emotional level, but did you know that pets can also improve your physical wellbeing? Because playing with your furry friends can help lower stress levels! It also causes people to have a lower blood pressure, and having a lower blood pressure could decrease risk of heart attacks and stroke. 

You'll never be "alone"

Pets are your companion. Everyone needs a friend, and whether it be a furry little kitten, or a massive Newfoundland, pets are there to help you combat that loneliness and stick by your side. Your cat may give you grumpy, unenthusiastic looks sometimes, but in the end, they still need you, and probably (even if they won’t admit it) still love you.

An additional bonus is that pets are an instant icebreaker for meeting new people. Wanting to talk to that really hot guy that always hangs out in front of the SURC but don’t know how? Walk a dog passed him. If he’s into you at all, he may even use the dog as an excuse to talk to you! If he doesn’t notice the adorable dog, he’s probably not worth your time. The best type of people can’t resist a cute puppy next to. If nothing else, you’ll at least come out meeting a few new people who have a common interest with you: Your pet! With a pet, there is really no room for loneliness.

Pets give you energy!

Sometimes, when that alarm goes off in the morning and the sun is shining through the cracks in your blinds, all you want to do is hit that snooze button over and over again, because who cares? You don’t have anything better to do, and sleep feels SO good! But when you have a pet, they depend on you to get out of bed on time so they can be fed, walked, or played with.

Although it may seem like you’re getting less sleep because of your pet, your pet is actually helping you keep a timely schedule. Having a proper routine schedule can give you energy and make you have a more productive day! Being forced to walk your dog or play with your cat encourages you to be motivated to do something. Even just little tasks every day with your pet can make your feel like you’ve achieved something when you’re done, which helps keep you feeling good!


How many of you HC girls love your pet! If you have any tips, comments, or questions, let us know below! 

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