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Why You Should Avoid Piercing Guns


So, you know when you walk past a Claire’s store at 13 years old and think, “Oh, another piercing sounds nice”? Well, I certainly do. I unfortunately got multiple piercing done at the store that looks like a unicorn puked everywhere, and boy, do I regret it. The main reason why is because all piercings done at stores like that are done with a piercing gun.

Piercing guns, while they may seem quick and easy to use, are actually horribly unsanitary and damaging to the ear. Employees do wipe down the piercing gun with a cleansing solution, but that doesn’t actually sterilize the gun. And not sterilizing a piercing gun is essentially the same as using dirty tools in heart surgery. In other words, it’s super unsafe. Using a piercing gun can lead to infections and scarring, according to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).

And also, the results from a piercing gun are subpar to those done by a professional piercer. The ramming of an earring into the earlobe compared to a piercer carefully and deliberately piercing are like day and night. With a professional piercer, there’s less trauma to the surrounding tissue, according to dermatologist Dr. Julia Tzu.

So, moral of the story, if you walk past Claire’s with your girl gang and want to get matching piercings, walk away and find your nearest piercing shop. The results are far superior, and you won’t run the risk of infection.

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