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Why We’re Obsessed with Bed Head Texturizing Spray

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

HC Spring Survival kit blessed us this season by giving us samples of Bed Head Superstar. Not only is this product great, but it smells so good too! I used this product one day after I had showered to add some extreme volume to my hair, and I was so impressed by the results. Not only was my hair voluminous, but it also smelled great too! I highly recommend this product for your touch up needs. 

Here is my hair before, I tend to have oily, straight/wavy, medium thickness hair. My hair always tends to lay flat on my head making it look thinner and dull. 

Now here is a picture of my hair after I used the spray all over the top of my head and then I brushed my hair out again, and straightened it. 

I noticed immediately that my hair was no longer stuck down onto my scalp, it was much more voluminous and bouncy and it looked great! For me, I would use this product after a long day of work or school when you need to do “touch ups” before going to the bars, or out to dinner. It was quick and easy way to have fresh and full hair with just a couple sprays. 

HC chapters, did you enjoy this product? Do you have any tips or tricks that can be used with this spray? If so, leave us a comment in the box below.