Why We Are Obsessed With (Fictional) Murder

Are we crazy to be obsessed with murder? Are we weird for finding it so fascinating and intriguing? Are we weird for becoming obsessed with criminal shows? The answer is NO. Based on the amount of shows played weekling on every major TV networked, it is safe to say you are absolutely not alone!

I love murders (shows, stories, films,etc.)! My sister loves murders! My friends are starting to love murders! Its not weird and here is why!

  • Probably the most common reason why we love criminal investigation. Is to feel safe. Murder is one of those things that the more you know about the less likely it will occur to you. We feel we can become one step ahead of him/her.
  • Some of us are trying to process a hardship or dramatic trauma possibly in our own lives. We like to watch how other grieve and how they process the tragedy.
  • The desire for truth and justice drives us (Thank you, Olivia Benson for all that you do)
  • Some people want to understand why these murderers do what they do. Its fasinating finding out how something that occured in someones lifes can dramatically chape them to commit these acts.
  • Lastly, well we might just straight up be crazy.

Well now that you can rationalize your love for murders these are the top 5 shows/ podcast that you must watch.


1. Criminal Minds 

For those of us more interested in justice with a little bit of thrill. 

2. Dexter

It almost feels wrong to never want a serial killer to get caught, but you are desperately rooting for the bad guy that is actually a good guy who just happens to kill a lot of bad guys... for fun. 

3. How to get away with Murderer

Same premise of not wanting the killers to get caught but also wanting the killers to find the other killers to make sure they don't get caught. It's confusing but we promise you will never get enough. Also everyone is better dressed. 

4. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

The traditional good always beats evil and a plausable reason for never wanting to move to New York City. 

5. Podcasts  

Now, I know podcast seem like they are something only your mom and dad listen too, but its not! This particular podcast has got me hooked! My Favorite Murder! These two women are awesome you will fall in love, they make you feel as if you are not crazy for your fascinations in murders. Its a must to start listening too. Its also perfect for when you want to listen to murder at the gym instead of Beyonce. All the more reason to run faster on the treadmill. 

If all you ever watch read and podcasts is fictional murder you are not alone! There are literally networks dedicated tot this topic and we still would probably never get enough, as long as these murders stay fictional, of course. If you have a favorite murder comment below!