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Why Shay Mitchell Would Slay at Central

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

If you’ve ever seen Pretty Little Liars you would see 5 fabulously dressed individuals dressed with their own original personality which would immediately tell you which one you would want to hang out with. Emily was always a crowd favorite, determined, good sense of humor and less dramatic than her other 4 co-stars. Now forget Emily and the other liars and follow Shay Mitchell on all social medias. Need to your next hair style inspiration? Follow Shay. Need to know what bathing suit you’re buying this season? Follow Shay. For these reasons alone it is clear that both Emily and Shay would be the perfect addition to the CWU family, but here are a few more reasons why she would be a great Wildcat (and for sure a member of Her Campus).

She’d let you borrow anything in her perfect closet

She’d be down for a coffee on any given morning

She wouldn’t get mad when you put a filter on her at Utopia

She’d be a great companion for Yakima road trips

Can be trusted with the aux cord at any house party

But will slay the dance floor with you at Bluerock and 301

She’d be well equipped for focused study sessions

But happy to discuss Beyonce’s last inspiring performance during breaks

She would always have the best swim suit at the river

And would totally be a Communication Major

She would be a highly motivated gym partner

She would spend a lot of time eating Dominos

But Pizza Collin would have her heart

The best part is her family would send her care packages and she would share her ketchup chips, and what more could you want from a friend? From a bar buddy to a pizza pal, there is no doubt that Shay Mitchell would fit right in, in Ellensburg. It’s really too bad that she found show business first, but the good news is, it’s never too late to go back to college!

President at Her Campus CWU Senior, Public Relations Major at Central Washington University!