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How Netflix Changed the Game

Not going to lie, Netflix is sometimes touch and go. But one thing you can always count on is that Netflix is going to have something for everything and everyone. Comedy, sci-fi, LGBTQ+, romance, documentaries, you name it! There is something to be said about Hulu, Amazon Video and other TV platforms for doing similar things. I don’t know, Netflix just hits different. One significant component of having Netflix is the huge variety of Netflix originals that are sure to spark your attention and keep it. One specific I can provide for why Netflix is so sick is because they provide a massive wave of diversity and education for things and people of all types.

Why Always Be My Maybe is A Gem

Always Be My Maybe is a perfect example of a fantastic Asian inspired and cast film that Netflix produced directly. The story follows a man and a woman (spoiler!) who grew up together and end up falling in love and learning all the things young puberty-ridden people do. But when their lives start to take separate paths, they split and eventually after various successes and failures, they find their way back to each other, and the rest is history. It is incredibly charming considering the vulnerability, immaturity, and growth you witness whilst watching. This film is especially important because not nearly enough Asian spot-lighted movies or shows exist in the world. “Always Be My maybe” rocks in my book. Great work, Netflix.

Netflix Wins Again with 13 Reasons Why

Although with much viewer discretion, 13 Reasons Why is a prime example of how Netflix uses its power in the industry of film and social media to bring light to a dark subject. This series covers many topics such as suicide, self-harm, alcohol or drug abuse, sexual assault, and much, much more. It’s a show that’s hard to watch but impossible to peel your eyes from, I must admit. Netflix makes sure to have an accurate, rich and diversified cast that shows struggles, trials, and tribulations of people of all types. I could pour you a cup of tea to share with me, but I think I’ll let it steep a little longer.

The End of the F***ing World is Actually Pretty Accurate

Netflix impressed me yet again with its production of The End of the F***ing World by the fact that it shows how rough and crazy and weird reality can really be, and makes us fall in love with its cast and their quirks all at the same time.  This short, two-season cut and dry series gives you a short look into what makes young people tick, and what makes people, people. I am quite certain I cannot explain the plot of this show, as you might never believe me. This show takes a closer look at familial issues, and young childhood trauma that should like, definitely be addressed.

Black Mirror is Lowkey The Best Part of Netflix 

And, of course, we can’t ever forget that Black Mirror exists. Now, I know for sure if I tried to explain even one of those plots, I’d get thrown in the psych ward sooner than you can blink. This is a show that defies all possible odds of currents times, yet also somehow makes you feel slightly.... sketched out. By that I mean, to be honest, some of these “outlandish” ideas don’t really seem that far out of grasp. I suppose that was the intention, but I must give credit where credit is due, and that is none other than Netflix Originals, again.

And, POSE, I mean Come ON

Okay, lastly, let’s talk about POSE. Last quarter in an English class with an awesome Prof whose name I’ll leave a mystery, got me hooked on POSE. Once again Netflix has outdone itself with the series. “POSE” is just what these characters are doing, since they are fashion divas trying to make it in a tough world who wasn’t ready for them. And by that, I mean drag kings and queens who grow through their expression, and even the criticism they receive as they try to break through to an uninviting crowd of folks in the ’80s. This is a gorgeous look into real facts of African American and Latinx ballroom culture, the HIV AIDS epidemic, and the LGBTQ+ members who fought hard for those apart of the community today.

I just want to say, thanks, Netflix.


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