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Why It’s Best to Be Forever Alone in College

An uneventful Friday night will cause you to roam to the romantic comedies section of Netflix. Eventually, you find yourself crying into a pint of ice cream watching Noah express his love to Ally while bae hasn’t opened any of the three Snapchats you’ve sent. Well I’m here to tell you to dry those tears because college is best for a party of one, here are some reasons why.

Remember the golden rule that you find your bridesmaids in college and your SO in Europe, so save up for your grad trip and settle for girls night out. Let us take a moment to discuss how exhausting it is to simply kiss someone and maybe exchange a couple of texts with a friend of a friend’s ex and be kicked out of a house party because of it.

College is the time where you get to branch out from the norm and find out who you are and what you want for yourself. It’s nice to have someone to lean on when you’re stressed out, but that’s what you’re BFFs and Pinterest are for. For a lot of us being in college is the most selfish and irresponsible you will ever be. There isn’t anything wrong with having an SO while in college, but it’s a lot harder to find yourself when your constantly trying to be considerate of someone else. Take advantage of the time you have to branch out and try new things without having to someone else’s opinion.

There is no bigger distraction than scoping out and pursuing a potential bae. We don’t care who you are, “Netflix and Chill?” Is far more appealing than your Microeconomics homework. If you can find a balance between homework and snapchats about nothing and the importance of market value than by all means go for it. Grey’s Anatomy is enough of a distraction. You didn’t take a $20,000 student loan to wait around for someone else on a Tuesday night, so ditch the bae and hit the books.

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