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If you love to read and are on the book side of Tik Tok, you have most likely heard of Colleen Hoover. She is one of the most famous romance/women’s fiction writers out there.

Hoover has been a published author for 10 years; her first book “Slammed” came out in 2012. She has published 23 books and one more is on the way this year called “It Starts With Us.” She writes New Adult and Young Adult books. You can learn more about her on her website: colleenhoover.com

Being a fan of her is an understatement, I am obsessed. I want to share what books of hers are good and which aren’t (which is only one). I have taken every book I have read by her, which is definitely not all, and listed which ones you should read, which ones are okay and the ones you can skip.

Definitely read:

Reminders of Him– This is her newest release, and honestly her best. It is romance gold and is heartwrenching. The feelings are so intense and so real. I fell in love with the characters and their stories. I felt such a wide range of emotions with this book. It is LITERALLY spectacular.

It Ends With Us– I read this back in 2017, a little after it first came out. I do not remember much about it, but I know that I remember feeling so much while reading this book. Tik Tok is also hyping this book up a lot, so I am sure that it is still very much an amazing book.

Ugly Love– This is a great book. It is not her best and almost went on the next tier down, but the couple in this book is honestly one of my favorites I read last year. The story is not super remarkable, but I liked how the male POV is written in poems throughout most of the story and it just was written really well.

Regretting You– This book was so simple, yet so elegant. I loved the mother-daughter dynamic the story had. It impressed me so much. I don’t know why this book has such a hold on me, but it does.

If You Have Time:

Verity– This book is really hyped up. If you are looking for a semi-thriller book, then check it out. It isn’t her best though. It has this crazy twist at the end, and then another, and then another. The ending was ambiguous, which I liked, but is not normal for her writing.

November 9– This book was eh. I liked the format. I liked the romance and the idea of only seeing each other once a year. Some things were just so blah though. The plot was a bit simplified and there wasn’t enough drama in my opinion. I still thought it was a good read, but not great.

Just Skip It:

Layla– Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about this book. It’s spooky which is great, but it’s so boring. The ending had a great plot twist, but that was it. I hated that it was only from the male’s POV. It was boring and I just hated it.

Without Merit– I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. It is like almost all of her others, but there was just some family drama that made me feel so uncomfy. It just was whatever, but the romance was sorta cute.

I have not read any other books by Hoover, but when I read the rest, or at least a few more, I plan on writing another article about it.

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