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What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You

When it comes to pizza preference there is no such thing as ‘two kinds of people’. Pizza toppings can make or break the ideal slice and until Domino’s started providing the “half topping’ option, it was the cause of plenty of relationship squabbles. What you decorate your pie with says a lot about you, and what your combination  includes can say even more. If you’re wondering what you pizza topping says about you look no further!  


  • Classic
  • Still listens to the Backstreet boys 
  • Remembers every major dance craze from 2007-2010



  • Only communicates in kimoji’s 
  • Own’s a Lumi case
  • Life of the party

Cheese only 

  • Plays it safe 
  • Favorite movie is The Notebook  
  • Would never wear leopard print heels. 



  • Rebel
  • Rule breaker 
  • Has the aux cord at every house party 



  • Has read the fifty shades trilogy more than once
  • Favorite Kardashian is Kourtney 


Sun Dried tomatoes

  • Cultured and sophisticated
  • Has been to rome twice  
  • Only watches movies in black and white




  • Wears all black 
  • Celebrity crush is Jared Leto 
  • Wore purple lipstick before it was cool 




  • A real wild card 
  • Laughs at their own jokes
  • (should) carry breath mints at all time


Hot Sauce

  • You’re sassy 
  • Low key
  • Slays the dance floor as soon as Rihanna comes on


  • You like to party
  • Excels at air guitar
  • Argues that Michael Jackson is still alive 


And there ya have it! Whether you’re a bacon fan with an aptitude for air guitar or your likeness for pineapple emphasises your for irresistible urge to smash the patriarchy. No matter how you take your slice, live your life and keep eating. 

President at Her Campus CWU Senior, Public Relations Major at Central Washington University!
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