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What Your Favorite Color Says about Your Personality

Ever wonder what your favorite color says about who you are as an individual? Well, look no further! I have compiled a list of colors that tell you just that. Does your favorite color imply that you are a happy, go-lucky person or does your favorite color imply that you have a fierce and energetic personality? Read on to find out!


Women in yellow dress
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With yellow being one of the brightest colors in the rainbow, yellow may imply that you are an optimistic, outgoing, “energetic”,  and “happy” person who enjoys the company of others and lights up every room that you walk into. You are likely there for your friends when the going gets rough in order to cheer them up, even if you are not feeling so “cheerful yourself”. You express yourself when you have a desire to do so.


three silhouettes in orange sunset
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As orange represents the color of sunsets, bonfires, and many of the leaves during the Fall season, orange may be your favorite color for one of these reasons. Orange may mean that you are a warm and enthusiastic person who is social and energetic with others. With orange being your favorite color, you may also have a calling for adventure in which you are not phased by any challenges that may come your way. If this is true for you, then be proud of who you are, and don’t let anyone get in the way of your ability to live life to its fullest. 


red roses
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To some red may represent aggression and evil, but to others, it may mean love and emotion. These implications are often shown within the media, meaning that the color red represents more than what meets the eye. If red happens to be your favorite color, then you may be an individual who is “driven, adventurous, and active.” Especially when it comes to reaching your goals, which in this case means you may also be “passionate, ambitious, and competitive.” In regard to hobbies, you may enjoy things that give you an “adrenaline rush” which may include mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, or river rafting. Additionally, you may like to stand out from the crowd which in turn shows that you have a determination that may be perceived as “both inspiring and intimidating.” Although you may have a driven personality, you are still considered to be an “overall positive, [and] loving” person.


If your favorite color happens to be pink then it’s no surprise that you may wear your heart on your sleeve. Chances are you may be a compassionate person who cares deeply for others. You may be in touch with your emotions in which you are not afraid to show them if the situation calls for it. You may also find yourself with the desire to be “loved unconditionally or accepted by society”. In a relationship, you may be a romantic who is both “flirty and feminine” when it comes down to impressing your significant other. Your ability to show emotions shows that you are someone that others can rely on if they are down in the dumps. Keep being your kind and awesome self!

violet flowers on purple backdrop
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Some may think of purple as the color of royalty since there is a history of purple dyes having been “so rare and expensive that only monarchs could wear them.” To fancy this rare color means that you have strong “emotional security” in which you don’t accept others’ putdowns. It may also imply that you are a unique individual with a desire to be original. Additionally, you may be artistic and creative and you pay “attention to the finer details” in life. With this in mind, you may have a knack for figuring out who people are and have an insightful view of life. However, there may be times when you struggle to let other people in your life because you tend to be more reserved. But always remember that you are amazing and that it’s okay to have others in your life. 

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As the color of the ocean and of the sky, blue represents “peace and tranquility” meaning that those who favor this particular color are often down to earth, “trustworthy, and loyal” individuals who promote “unity and security” amongst others. With blue being your favorite color, you may also come across as “strong and confident” but underneath you are more vulnerable. But you don’t let that stop you from being your “charming, friendly, and emotional” self.

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While some may associate the color green with the “green-eyed monster” in which the color represents jealousy and greed, it can also represent “nature, good luck, fertility, and rebirth.” This implies that those who gravitate towards the color green show commitment to others along with being practical and consistent. Also, those who favor green are said to also be “generous and kind with [their] thoughts and feelings” in which it is easy for them to form relationships with others. As a result of this, you are a great friend to others and are “appreciated and loved by many.” 

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If you favor white then the chances are you may be an “organized, independent, and logical” person who goes out of their way to do the right things in life without “overstepping boundaries”. Also, you may have a personality that is positive, as well as an optimistic outlook on life. Due to your bright personality, people enjoy your company and appreciate you for your ability to “exude happiness.” Aside from having a positive personality, you also have the desire to learn “new things” in life and to share any stories of your experiences to others as well.

OSPAN ALI via Unsplash

While black may seem like a favored color for when you are depressed or mourning over the loss of a loved one, black can be favored for other reasons as well. If your favorite color happens to be black, then you may be a confident individual who is not only creative and independent but also someone who is “strong-willed and determined” to go achieve their goals. Also, you may be a natural leader who can easily take command of “an audience.” So the color black is not always what it’s made out to be at times. Continue being you!

Did your favorite color correctly determine your personality? If it did, then did you learn a thing or two about yourself? I hope that this article showed you some positive qualities about yourself that you didn’t realize before!



A first year student at CWU who is interested in pursuing a major in psychology with a minor in theatre arts. Enjoys baking, singing, and exercising during spare time.
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