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What to Wear to Graduation, If You Aren’t Graduating


Graduation season is here my friends, and shopping to find the perfect outfit can be challenging, but what the heck are you supposed to wear if you’re just attending graduation as a guest. For those of you who aren’t walking across the stage for graduation, here is a list of ideas to wear to your friends graduation ceremony and the after party.

Floral Forever

When in doubt, look for something floral to wear! Floral is a fun and easy to pair with a denim or colored jacket to keep you covered when it’s cooler outside. Florals look great on everyone, and they come in so many different colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong. Plus, all of your graduating friends will probably be wearing white or black under their gowns, so this way you’re sure to have a different look than your friends graduating. 


Pastels are your friend

When looking for a dress or romper, looking for light pastel colors is the way to go. The shades are endless, and the light colors make your skin look great. One thing that’s great about soft pastel colors is that they can be a staple piece in your closet because you can layer, add jewelry, wear it in winter with a jacket or scarf, the options are endless. Plus, the light color will keep you a little cooler than wearing a dark colored dress at the graduation ceremony.


Jump into a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are in this year! There are a ton of places to shop for a pantsuit, you can get one that’s a little spendier and look at Nordstrom, Free People or Topshop. If you are a little nervous about buying your first jumpsuit you can look at Forever 21, they have a ton of options for cheaper prices. Jumpsuits are a step up from your normal dresses and rompers because they look a little more formal, you can wear them with heels, sandals or really any shoes you’re dying to wear. 


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