What To Get Him

The holidays are officially here everyone! Let’s not get too crazy now with Black Friday passed us and Cyber Monday just around the corner, there are always so many deals during the holiday season. If you’re in a new, long, or rekindled relationship and need help finding a gift for him, no worries we’re here to help! Here are some great ideas to get or even make him for the holiday season (we love a good DIY)!

Make him a blanket

Tie Blankets are such a great idea to make him for the holidays! Its cozy season, and it’s something you both can cuddle in after the new year! Pick a pattern he’ll love and get cozy!

Here is an easy step by step tutorial: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/fleece-tie-blanket-1252959 

Etsy Engraves Objects

If you go on Etsy, they engrave things like knives to make it personal for your BF. but at the same time, if that’s something your significant other likes, it’ll also be something handy! If knives aren't quite their thing, there are tones of other options of things to personalized, so have fun with it!

Hit up Costco

Costco has everything. I know I personally love gifts from Costco, and so does my boyfriend! Everything at Costco comes in bulk and you know they have the good deals. Also Costco blankets, you will thank us later.   

Favorite Sports Team Merchandise

If your significant other is into football, baseball, basketball, etc. A new hat or sweatshirt would be something that he’ll love wearing! Heck, it might not even be sports whatever your significant other is into merchandise is a great gift.

Did we miss anything? If there is something that your SO loves, let us know!