What to Get Her

Having some trouble figuring out what to get your bestie for Christmas? Have no fear, we’re here to help. Christmas can be a hard time to think of the right gift to her your bestie, mom, sister, aunt, or grandma. Everyone has their own taste of what they like, so here are 5 great gift ideas to get your feminine girl friends.

Make a Movie Basket

Get a cute basket or box from TJ Maxx or something and fill it up with some movie tickets, popcorn, and candy! It’s something sweet, affordable, and a good gift for something that they can do on their free time.


Who doesn’t like a beautiful candle around the holiday season. Anthropologie has some amazing candles to pick from.


I know socks sound sort of lame, but if you get these socks called Cabin Socks, they are so comfy, and the inside feels so cozy and warm that anyone and everyone would want a pair of these.


We all know someone who is a little obsessed with makeup, but it’s always nice to get a fresh new palette or some new highlighters from Ulta.


Every girl loves a new smell to themselves. Perfume is something that every girl wants or needs once in a while so it’s a good gift to receive!