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In the greater Seattle area? Here are some of my favorite plant shops you should check out! 

  • Peace, Love, and Happiness club- Seattle 
    • Located in the heart of Fremont, Seattle so it is very easy to plan a day in Fremont that includes a visit to the two shops that are walking distance apart! 
    • The biggest variety of the most healthy indoor plants. 
    • One location consists of more “basic” houseplants and the other is only “rare” plants. I have never been able to afford any of the “rare” plants here but just looking at them makes my day! 
    • Is pretty well known throughout the nation!
  • Alpine Plant nursery- outside Puyallup 
    • Cute nursery that targets indoor and outdoor plants!
    • They have a huge variety of “basic” house plants as well as “exotic” house plants so you are able to get anything your heart desires at the moment. 
    • I have also found all the workers to be incredibly sweet and y ou can tell how excited they are to answer any plant questions you may have! 
  • Jade and Co- Tacoma 
    • A very cute little plant shop in the heart of Tacoma! A great way to support a local business! 
    • They have the cutest mural on the side of the building for some cute pictures! 
    • Really funny “knick-knacks” in-store 
  • Urban Sprouts – Renton 
    • An amazing variety of indoor plants with a good number of “rare” plants. 
    • Cute crystals and plant “goodies” 
  • Washington Floral service – Tacoma 
    • The best way I could describe this place is plant Costco! 
    • Went viral on the plant side of TikTok 
    • They have some of the best prices for basic indoor plants as they are the suppliers for other local plant stores!

Now it’s time to get shopping!

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