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The Unknown Path After Graduation

It is crazy to think I graduate in 42 days. It seems like yesterday my parents we helping me move into my freshman dorm room and saying goodbye. Now in the midst of my senior year, I need to start planning the next step. It is expected that after graduation you are suppose to have a job lined up. Society has drilled this idea into our heads, but what they fail to tell us is, we don't need to have it all figured out. Your 20’s are the time to fail, make mistakes, and find the right path for you. It may take a few jobs to find the career path that is best suited for your academic degree and passion.

This past Friday, my boss set up a meeting for my co-worker and I with CWU alumni and freelance journalist, Molly Allen. Allen told us it was okay not to have 'the job' after graduation. Our first job may just be a stepping stone to the place we want to end up. Society puts so much stress on people landing the perfect job once you graduated. You do need one in order to pay your bills, but once you find one that not only pays the bills, but also fits your niche, you basically won the jackpot. 

Her advice and experience made me feel better about my life after graduation. I do have a job and a few interviews lined up in the next couple weeks, but I do not know for sure where I will end up, which I have come to terms with. At this point I am happy where ever the wind takes me.


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