#Tweetof theWeek

Chrissy Tiegan is notorious for her witty, controversial and downright hilarious commentary on Twitter. This week, another bold twitter user, Ms. Cardi B dropped her highly anticipated album mentioning a couple uhh... ladies she admired. 

In her song "She Bad" she states "I need Chrissy Tiegen/ Know a bad bitch when I see one/ Tell Rih Rih I need a threesome" a rather interesting way to announce your girl crushed to the world and Chrissy's response was all of us. 


Chrissy I'm sure is no stranger to flattery but her response could not be more Chrissy if we wanted it to be. 

We're still waiting for Rihanna's response which I'm sure will be just as "Rih Rih" as Chrissy's was Chrissy.

Until next week!