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If you’re one that takes tea over coffee—or you simply want a break from coffee but still need that caffeine encouragement—then this is for you. I took it upon myself to ask a self-declared tea enthusiast his opinions of tea, what about each he likes, how he prepares them, and what he adds, if anything.

Jasmine Green Tea

The mixture of the aroma of the jasmine and the minty taste of green tea is what makes it amazing.

Chai Iced Tea

The creamy flavor blending with the sweet spice taste of the tea makes this a very special taste.

Any Fruity Herbal Tea

This is the go-to tea for when you want something sweet without having to add sugar or anything else. This tea is also great for those hot summer days fast approaching.

Harney & Sons Black Tea from Paris

Just as it says on the packaging, this tea is black tea done right, as simple as that. If you’re a tea purist, this is the good stuff that you’ll want to indulge on.

Earl Grey Black Tea

Perfect for having something nice and modest to drink while simultaneously waking you up for the day. What makes this surpass a plain black tea is its undertones of lavender in the taste.

One last secret ingredient from our tea enthusiast, if you’re steeping loose leaf tea, adding the stems of leftover marijuana buds could boost your mood as well as your tea, guaranteed! I hope this article inspires you to try out some new teas this year! If you have any tea recommendations that didn't make the list, head over to our social and let us know!

As always, HC XOXO

Cassana is a writer for Her Campus Central Washington University. She will be graduating Winter 2022 with a major in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing, hoping to achieve a position in a publishing house while writing novels on the side. Her hobbies include reading/writing, bullet journaling, and travelling.
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