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The Top 5 Kardashian Conspiracy Theories

For the past decade we have all come to know a certain family full of opinionated women who love a business opportunity and a scandalous Instagram pic. There are tons of theories surrounding the iconic family. some so outrageous (Kylie actually died in 2013 and they’ve replaced her with a newbie, explained by her dramatic physical transformation) and others that are a little more believable (T-Swift and Kimye planned their ‘Famous’ feud to drum up more publicity for all 3 of them) and SO many more. 

5. Kourtney Hooked-Up with Justin Bieber 

This has yet to be confirmed, but was one of my personal favorites just because of how crazy people went trying to figure out if it was Kourtney’s beautifully toned legs in this photo. True or not, we now know that Kourtney is indeed into younger men, so I definitely don’t count this one completely out.

4. Kim’s Paris Robbery Was a Planned Publicity Stunt

This one seems a bit wild to me considering the emotion she displayed on KUWTK when recalling the event, as well as giving up her $10 Million ring that was stolen in the robbery. With 2 (now 3) kids and a husband I just think this one is too extreme to fake it.

3. Kylie is Pregnant, and Giving Her Baby to Khloe

This theory has not picked up as much steam as others, but some believe that Kylie is actually pregnant and Khloe is faking it. Kylie is hiding her pregnancy so when the baby comes she can give it to Khloe (who has admitted to having fertility problems) and no one will know. Far out there, but I appreciate the creativity.

2. Khloe’s Birth Dad is OJ Simpson

The is a close number 2 to my favorite conspiracy, because this would just add another crazy twist to the OJ Simpson case/his life in general. Robert Kardashian (Kourtney & Kim’s Father) was on OJ Simpsons defense trail in the 1990’s and OJ was an old family friend. Because Khloe is significantly taller and more fair skinned than her sisters, many believe Kris Jenner had an affair with OJ. Although Kris Jenner has admitted to having an affair around the time she got pregnant with Khloe, I don’t think OJ is her dad, and I don’t think this one is true but it is a fun one.

1. Kylie was Kim’s Surrogate

Ever since Kylie went dark on social media and Kim confirmed her and Kanye would be having baby #3 via surrogate I have been 100% behind this theory. Kylie has been completely MIA from the paparazzi and her instagram, twitter and snapchat accounts and was said to be due in January, which is when Kim’s surrogate gave birth. As far as I’m concerned, this is true until it’s proven it is not.



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