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Tips for Perfecting Spring Time Skin

Spring time is officially here which means your hair is no longer protected by a beanie and your legs will be out for the world to see. The good news is we have a few tips that will amp up your beauty routine and get you off the shoulder ready and hair that “shines like the light from the sun” (cue Paulo).


Not only is moisturizing good for your skin now, it’s preventative. Skin, like your hair, needs to be nourished to look and feel healthy. At the risk of sounding like an Aveeno commercial, give your skin what it needs! We recommend a fragrance free moisturizer to apply after a shower and/or before and after bedtime! Applying before bed allows the vitamins to sink in without being broken down by the sun or cold whether. It’s also very important to apply moisturizer before you apply make up. You can watch any beauty blogger’s foundation or night time routine you will see moisturizer is as constant as mascara. So if you want glowing, dewy skin and more wrinkle prevention now instead of actual wrinkles later. Get a lotion you love and use it. And don’t you fret if you have oily skin, because there are options for that too!


Wash AFTER you condition

I was breaking out on only one section of my back and it could not figure out why until I read this article about how Kendall Jenner had the same problem. Basically, it says is always wash your body after you condition your hair. If you are using your conditioner correctly, you are applying it only mid way through your hair and letting it sit for a 2-3 minutes to get optimum moisture. A lot of people take this time to wash their face and their body and that’s WRONG. Because you’re cleaning your body and then allowing your conditioner to run you back you are clogging clean pores! The article recommends to condition your hair first, pull it up with a clip, then wash your body. I won’t lie to you, it’s really annoying you have to wash your body last and it’s hard to figure out what to do with yourself while the conditioner sits, but my shoulders have cleared up and I haven’t have any problems since!


Use heat protectant

Speaking of hair, when the sun starts to beat down, do not forget to use heat protectant! Always use some before you blow dry, straighten or curl to protect your precious ends. But when you plan on spending a little time in the sun it doesn’t hurt to spray a light layer on your locks. Heat from the sun is just like heat from an iron, drying and damaging. So next time you’re headed out for a beach day, throw in a heat protecting spray or a leave in conditioner with SPF!


Don’t use peel off face mask

I’m not a dermatologist but the first time I used a peel off face mask I knew it would be last. If you’ve been on social media lately the worse case scenerio videos of blood vessels bursting and the above average pain one would usually experience when using such as strategy for facial maintenance. As it turns out, peel off masks don’t offer much more of a benefit than other masks. Although, they seem more convenient as far as cleanup goes, your hair  is already in a bun and your


Exfoliate your skin and Lips

Dead skin is not happy skin! And it isn’t cute either. It’s easy enough to find a facial scrub for for the morning or after you take off your make up. But lip maintenance is is just a vital. Especially since the matte lipstick  trend isn’t going anywhere, avoid build up and buy a lip scrub and use it regularly.


Drink more water

Literally every Pinterest post about clear skin says to do this because that is exactly what you should be doing. Since we’ve heard this enough and still don’t do it, I recommend using it as a substitution. So get a coffee or some tea but instead drinking another coffee drink water. So easy. Water bottles are practically a new accessory so get a cute rose gold S’well bottle and drink your damn water.

The beauty of being preventative is that it never hurts! All people are different but a general idea or reminder of what to do some spring cleaning never hurt anyone! Did we miss anything? Comment below your best beauty habits!

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