Tips on How to Make Friends Throughout Your College Experience

Hi everyone! I just want to introduce myself first, so you know the background for the following tips of how I have been able to make friends so far during my freshman year of college. I am a Cali girl at heart (from around the San Francisco area). I wanted to go to CWU because living in California for my entire existence has its typical weather pattern of hot weather; and I wanted a new change of pace, which for me was moving to Washington. When I officially moved to CWU, I knew no one because no one from my previous school came to this college. I felt lost because some people I met on the first day knew others from their previous school, so they had their “people” to rely on and to be around. We all are just trying to get used to college life; with how to handle our new responsibilities on our own as most likely we cannot have our parents or family help us out. 

While juggling all of this, my friends from home also all live-in different states, so I can’t visit them much, so my new goal is to make new friends/friendships that can last for a long time. I was able to make fast friends because of the necessity of needing to live in the dorms for freshman (unless you live 20 or so miles away). My roommate and I immediately got along, and she is one of my closest friends here yet. I also met my other close friends: a couple from a few doors down in my residence hall, some from orientation, and the rest from my other classes. Here are a few tips I have for those of you who may be in the same scenario that I am in with either not having friends from high school go to CWU or maybe you also moved from a different state. I hope these tips help you as they helped me when I discovered them out for myself!  


1. If you live in a dorm, leave your door open as often as possible! Most likely people will come by and say hi or ask for a favor. If this happens, ask for their snap and or their number as we all are just trying to meet people and I bet they would be willing to give you this information!      

2. Talk to the person next to you in your classes, ask them a question about the class or something you both have in common. Get to know them, reach out to them for homework questions, and a new friendship could form!    

3. If you knew people from orientation before moving in, see if you remember their name or got their social media, reach out again and see how they are doing. Then, invite them to school events and see what happens next!    

4. If people want you to go to places with them, listen to yourself first! Make sure that you will not overexert yourself. However, also think about how you want to have an amazing college experience and put yourself out there when possible!  

5. Just know it can take time to meet people, so just “let life be”. If things are not working in your favor, there will be a time and place where you will continue to meet people. I would also really stress to go to the CWU events like Monday Movie Madness, Open Mic etc. to meet other people with the same interests as you and that can be a conversation starter!   

I wanted to let you all know that you are not alone if it is hard to make friends because I have heard from freshman and upperclassmen students here that it is hard to keep or make friends. If we all just try to reach out to others, make other peoples’ days, spread kindness, encouragement, and support towards others, we can all do it and make friends we will remember for a lifetime!