These Products for Colored and Highlighted Hair Are Your Best Beauty Match

What is often becoming more mainstream as a fashion and beauty trend is dying hair to vibrant colors for a unique and chic style. Colored and highlighted hair has gained its’ popularity in the media by being an outlet for artistic expression and has left many individuals satisfied with their new color choice instead of their natural look. My natural hair is dirty blonde, however, I felt this color wasn’t accurately expressing who I was. I always thought my hair was too dark for my face. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted more blonde highlights, so I had my hair stylist pull this off and today it has still been my favorite color. My friends and colleagues have been very adventurous in dying their hair vibrant colors such as pink and red and they are rocking the look! Here are some products for colored and highlighted hair that some of us women at Central personally recommend giving a try:

Tressa Watercolors Intense Shampoo


This product has been personally recommended by our president and has amazing reviews online! The shampoo has 14 different colors to choose from which gives a lot of variety and the price is not expensive. These shampoos are sulfate-free and can prolong your color while also washing your hair!

Overtone Daily Conditioner

One of my friends on campus recommended this product that she uses daily with her super cute vibrant pink hair! This product additionally has raving reviews online and has an amazingly low price. The conditioner has 10 different shades including rose gold and pastels. You would use this product whenever you choose to condition and wash as it works just like the other product to maintain your colored hair.

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product

This last product is one that I personally recommend after every time I wash and comb through my hair. It’s not a shampoo, but rather a leave-in conditioner that repairs dry damaged hair, controls frizz, detangles, adds shine, and attempts to end hair breakage. This tiny product is a little more on the expensive side, but I think it is worth the purchase due to all the positive qualities it can bring to healthy hair. The detangling power from this product is honestly what saves me the most time when brushing my wet hair.

These amazing products I hope become super handy if you’re new to trying out the trend of colored hair or if you are just looking for some personal recommendations. These items alone can cover a variety of your needs and can hopefully guide you in your process of finding what you like for your hair!