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Testing Mary Kay’s Naturally Skin Care Line

I have suffered from terrible skin my whole life, and I’m always on the hunt for products that will help clean, scrape, and smooth my skin into flawlessness. Seeing the Mary Kay Naturally Skin Care line, I was intrigued. I mean, it looks very pretty, and it has natural in the name. Upon further inspection, I found that their products were made up of at least 90% of naturally derived ingredients. Which is so important to me, as someone who has stripped their face of all things good through chemical skincare.

The Mary Kay Naturally Skin Care line is made up of four products: the Purifying Cleanser, the Exfoliating Powder, the Nourishing Oil, and the Moisturizing Stick. I implemented each product into my skincare routine to see how it could help my troublesome base.


Purifying Cleanser ($26)

With the cleanser, I wanted to see how successful it would be when put to the ultimate test; my makeup. It is marketed to clean the skin of dirt, leaving the skin refreshed. I had a pretty thick base on, and I wasn’t expecting insane results. But I was really surprised! It stripped my makeup off pretty easy without irritating my skin. I enjoyed the fact that it was suitable for sensitive skin, and it didn’t have alcohol in it! Also, the smell was a-may-zing!

I tried it the next day as well, without having a layer of makeup on, and it worked just as well! I was really impressed with this cleanser!


Exfoliator ($34)

This exfoliator was unlike anything I have ever seen! It was almost like a little science experiment in my hand! I liked that all you had to do was add water and the reaction caused a nice bubbling effect that translated to a pretty awesome exfoliator. The little undissolved beads were able to smooth out my textured areas without irritating them. I kid you not, by the end of exfoliating I had visibly fewer blackheads on my nose. The directions also say that you can add two to three drops of the oil to your exfoliating powder to help hydrate in the same step. But to be honest, both ways, my skin felt amazing.

Moisturizing Stick/Oil ($28 / $48)

Because it is getting colder as the winter months come closer, my skin has felt particularly dry and cracked. My skin does not feel so smooth, and the wind does not help. I was excited to try the Moisture Stick because it claims to provide relief from dryness, making your skin feel nourished, soothed, and softer after use. And in my honest opinion, it really did. I really enjoyed the packaging and the application. I could easily target the areas that were dryer and really lay it on thick. I took it upon myself to then put three to four drops onto my hands and rub the Nourishing Oil onto my hands, helping to really get the product into my skin, and not let any residue to come off on my pillow at night. After the whole process, I noticed that my skin was already hydrated and less dry. And the next day I went outside, and it was 14 degrees Fahrenheit, I was so happy I had this combo on my face.

In the end, my skin felt really nice. It wasn’t irritated at all, and there was no redness insight—which I definitely get after using chemical cleaners. I felt like all the bad oils were stripped, and I was glad to have natural products to add back into clear skin. After using it for three days (and planning to use it for many more), I was glad to invest the time into having my skin cared for, especially in these cold months! My favorite product would have to be the Moisturizing Stick… or the Purifying Cleanser! All in all, every single product was well crafted and gave me such joy to put it on my face. And the fact that none of the products had a synthetic fragrance was a bonus because I always seem to have a reaction to them! Definitely check these products out!

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I am a freshman at Central Washington University and am planning on majoring in Computer Science and Japanese. I like makeup, reading, and have a nightly ritual of watching Netflix. My favorite show is the Great British Baking Show. I have 3 dogs and a cat named Lizard that I miss very much.
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