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For those who don’t know what Dragun Beauty is, Nikita Dragun, a famous beauty guru recently dropped her own line of beauty products called Dragun Beauty. Nikita created these products with the goal of empowering beauty lovers of all skin tones. Dragun Beauty is not only a way for makeup fanatics to continue doing what they love, but to live their own fanstasies. We are OBESSED with Nikita and this new line. 

I personally thought her brand was so unique because she dropped different products that not every start up cosmetic brand starts with. I’m not trying to shade other cosmetic brands but usually start up brands play it safe and drop lipsticks or liquid lipsticks, but Nikita went there and made a color corrector potion for every skin tone AND a brighting undereye powder. I love this type of equality and how her powders and color corrector work for EVERYONE. When Dragun Beauty launched of course I missed out and everything sold out within minutes, but when she relaunched her products I got my hands on her Dragunheart TRANSformation Face Powder and let me spill the tea y’all, IT WAS AMAZING.

The intent of making and naming this products the TRANSformation Face Powder is to support the trans community. This is the first makeup brand owned by a transgender and specifically made for transgender people. When the brand was being released Nikita tweeted, “the first Trans owned makeup brand for Trans people and for ALL people.” We love the fact that Nikita is able to continue the conversation surrounding transgender people and feel empowered to support them through a new product.  

The blurring effect it had under my eye was incredible it literally made my face look so snatched. After buying the powder I want to try the color corrector because I have only heard amazing things from the beauty community.

I love what Nikita stands for and how she wants everyone to feel included and to live their OWN fantasy.

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