Summertime Songs You Didn't Know You Needed

It's almost summertime Kitties, and that means school is almost over (rip to finals week), more sunshine and less stress. All of this calls for some of the best jams and we have you covered! Here is a summer playlist that we think you are for sure going to have on repeat!


Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers 

Do I need to explain why we all need a middle-school throwback from our year 3000 boys. . . (if you know, you know). Burnin’ Up is a JoBro original that brings out all of the best feels. If your friends don’t sing along, kick them out of the car and make them walk. But also, don't forget to check out their new music now that they are back together *cue fan girl moment*. 


When It Rains it Pours – Luke Combs

There is nothing like a good country tune to jam to while you’re driving to the river down some old dirt roads. Also, who doesn’t want the same kind of luck that he got in this song??


Anyway You Want It – Journey 

This is a classic and you can’t change my mind about it. People of all ages can head bang to this song all year long and sing to it at the top their lungs, ‘all night, all night, oh every night’. 


Stay Together – Noah Cyrus 

This song is fun, rebellious, repeat-worthy and edgy! Noah Cyrus may be following in her sisters’ musical footsteps but she is paving her own way in the music world and I am here for it! #MySummerJam


You Should See Me In A Crown – Billie Eilish 

An empowering song with a whole lot of grunge, what more could we ask for? This is a song to listen to in the shower, while you drive home during sunset, to bump when it’s your turn on the AUX and to dance to when nobody is watching.


Break Up With Your Girlfriend – Ariana Grande 

If you don’t know all of the words to this song yet, then you have some catching up to do. If you’ve never heard it then you must live under a gigantic boulder, because this song is everywhere. This is a feeling, a jam and a song to get down to whenever and wherever. Summer is also the best season to dress like Ari and who doesn't want to slay?


Jolene – Pentatonix & Dolly Parton 

An emotional classic with a bit of a modern enhancement. The queen of country and sass gave us a reminder that her voice won’t grow old and Pentatonix smacked down some soul on this song with their gorgeous harmonies. Every playlist needs a sad song and who better to sing it than Dolly herself? 


Partition – Beyoncé 

Risqué is a total vibe and Beyoncé slays in this song. This isn’t a song to listen to with Grandma at a family BBQ this summer, but it is a tune for your BFF to play in the car so loud that you can’t contain your most scandalous dance moves. Again, it’s a vibe. 


Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper 

Just imagine 16-year-old you, sick of school and sick of the job your parents made you get, sneaking out of the house to go to a party. Now, imagine it all again except with this song playing in the background like you’re in a movie and the party ending with everyone jumping into the pool. Tease up your hair, pop on some hot pink lipstick, and sing it like Cyndi girl!

So, go through your summertime playlist, add these songs, remember the words and never disappoint when it’s your turn on the AUX. This summer all you need are some tan-lines, good friends, sunshine and an exciting playlist!