Star Signs As Starbucks Drinks

Whether you believe in Astrology and Star Signs or not most people become curious as to what Star Sign they are and what personality traits they're innately supposed to have according to Astrology at some point in their life. Astrology is all about using celestial objects to discover divine information about humans and certain terrestrial events (ever heard of Mercury being in Retrograde?) While Astrology is interesting enough on its own, why just find out information on your Star Sign traits when you can also find out what kind of Starbucks drink exists to match you! 

Virgo (Cold Brew)

Virgos are known to be kind, hardworking and practical, which is why the cold brew is perfect for them. Cold brew steeps coffee grounds in coll temperatures for an extended period of time which allows the beans to produce a chemical profile different than that of conventionally brewed coffee. Virgos tend to be all work and no play which reflects the process of the cold brew, but they tend to be your most loyal friends which means Virgos and they're cold brew should be kept around!

Cancer (Strawberries and Creme)

Cancers are highly imaginative, tenacious and persuasive which is exactly like the Strawberries and creme drink! This drink is made without any coffee and is a blend of strawberries and milk. It's topped off with whip creme for a little extra fun! This pink drink is a customer favorite and adds the same amount of fun in our lives as our friendly Cancers! 

Taurus (White Chocolate Americano)

Taurus' tend to be reliable, stable and practical and I can't think of any other drink that does just that than an Americano. Americanos are made with water instead of milk which tends to make it an unpopular drink as it has a little more bitterness to it than a regular latte. However, white chocolate adds just the right amount of sugar to mask the bitter taste. They're quick to make and although they are made without milk, you're being practical when ordering this drink as it technically adds to your recommended daily water intake. And being practical is exactly what a Taurus is known for. 

Gemini (Vanilla Latte)

Geminis are adaptable, affectionate and gentle which is why the classic vanilla latte is right up their alley. With just a few ingredients this drink adds a little more sweetness to a traditional latte. While you can have any drink iced or hot, this classic drink enjoyed with creamy steamed milk is the recommended way to go. This adapted drink makes the perfect morning latte for a Gemini. 

Leo (Blonde Roast)

Leos are known to be humorous, warm-hearted and passionate. They're relatively level-headed which makes the Blonde Roast a perfect choice for them. This drink is a simple lightly roasted coffee that's soft and mellow (just like a Leo) that can be combined with a delicious syrup such as Hazelnut of Vanilla.

Sagittarius (Iced Latte) 

A Sagittarius is generous, idealistic and has a great sense of humor. Because they are idealistic a simple Iced Latte is the drink of choice for them. A rich espresso combined with milk and served over ice makes for the perfect cool-down drink for the busy life of a Sagittarius.

Aquarius (Carmel Frappe)

An Aquarius is progressive, original and independent. Delicious caramel syrup is mixed with milk and ice to create this blended drink. With whipped cream and a layer of caramel syrup added on top, this drink is the perfect one to grab with friends on a day out. And one thing Aquarius' love to do is have fun with friends! 

Pisces (Carmel Iced Coffee)

Pisces are compassionate, artistic and wise. While the Starbucks Carmel Iced Coffee seems to be a simple drink, the added sweetness makes the drink a bit more special. This drink is a crowd favorite which makes it the perfect choice for a Pisces as they tend to get along with just about anyone.

Scorpio (Mango Black Tea)

Scorpios are known to be brave, passionate and resourceful. The Mango Black Tea has a hint of passion fruit and lemonade to give it the ultimate refreshing feel. Scorpios are determined and tend to take on leadership positions which means they're often busy. The Mango Black Tea is the perfect pick me up for a Scorpio. 

Aries (Green Smoothie)

Aries are courageous, passionate and determined. The Green Smoothie from Starbucks is a mix of green vegetable juice blended with mango, banana, and non-fat Greek yogurt to create the perfect balance between fruit and vegetables. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and it is in the nature of the Aries to take action, which makes them one of the most active signs. Because they are constantly looking for dynamic and speed, a Green Smoothie is the perfect drink to keep them going. 

Capricorn (Carmel Macchiato)

Capricorns are known to have good self-control, to be disciplined and to be responsible. The Caramel Macchiato is a delicious multi-layered drink with steamed milk, vanilla, caramel and then topped by dense creamy foam. Capricorns love tradition and are often serious by nature which makes this classic espresso drink the ideal daily refresher. 


Now that we have gone over all of the Star Signs as well as their complimentary drinks hopefully next time you're at a Starbucks you'll decide to order the drink made for you!