Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2019

        After a seemingly endless winter, Spring has finally sprung! And with warmer weather, budding flowers, and fresher air comes a chance to freshen up your wardrobe. The key to evolving your wardrobe to a new season isn’t packing up every single winter item you know, but rather knowing how to pair them with different things to give your style a fun, springtime twist. Keep on reading for some tips on how to repurpose your favorite oversized crewneck, and what pieces to add to your collection as well.  


The Oversized Crewneck/Hoodie 

        We all have that giant cozy sweatshirt in our closet, usually from the thrift store or your dads closet. It’s warm, soft, and treated us well on cold winter nights. But the fun doesn't have to stop when the sun comes out! Remember, we’re not to summer yet, so chances are it’s still in the mid ’50s-’60s, which is the perfect time for one of my favorite super casual styles. If long enough, just slip on a pair of cozy shorts and throw on that crewneck, add a pair of cozy socks and your birks, and boom, one of my favorite spring styles. I love to do this after the gym, or just to head over to a friend’s place. Your top is probably big enough that you can throw on t-shirt or tank top underneath in case you get to warm, or a hoodie if you’re going to get cold. Plus pulling the hood out from underneath can add another fun pattern or color to complement your crewneck. I got inspired to do this style by the one and only Ariana Grande, who does the “no pants” look, but often dons a pair of knee-high boots to dress up the look a little.  


That Sundress Just Asking for Summer 

        Over the past year, I’ve delved a lot more into dresses and skirts. I used to be more “tomboy”, but after discovering the versatility of simple little sundresses, I fell in love. If it’s still too chilly to wear just the dress, try layering a long sleeved top underneath the dress! If your dress is patterned, choose a top that matches one of the colors in the dress. If the dress is a solid color, then try putting a contrasting color or textured fabric underneath. I find this is a great way to wear that super cute slip you bought with no idea how to wear it, due to fear of a nip slip, but was just so cute you couldn’t cop it (I speak from experience, VS had a plethora of cute options).  


That Mesh Long Sleeve Top 

        A must have in my opinion! Typically seen at festivals and similar events, these see-through shirts are one of the most versatile pieces I own. I’m a big fan of layering, and the transparency and texture add a unique twist to any outfit. I commonly pair mine with bodysuits or anything that involves tights. It matches the black transparency of the tights, and under a spaghetti strap top, it covers skin without really covering it. Very helpful if you go to a school with a stricter dress code. If you are going to a party, you can take a more ~scandalous~ take on it and throw it over/under a cute bralette that’s just too good to cover up. It doesn't add a lot of warmth, but it’s still warmer than nothing, plus as a bonus, it’s an easy way to show off your tattoo’s when it’s still too cold to go completely sleeveless. One of the favorites that I own is from PacSun, and it incorporates little embroidered flowers all over it for a more feminine touch.  


Those Big Black Doc Martens 

        Pretty much my favorite shoes I own, Doc Martens are some of the most reliable, versatile shoes on the market. They’re not the cheapest, but their durability and style make them worth it. They are super on trend this year, yet far from basic. Giving you hella 90’s grunge feels, these boots can be dressed up or down, and work in literally any weather. Pair them with a pair of ripped jeans for the true grunge aesthetic, or switch it up a bit and add them to a super girly sundress. They can be worn with any length bottom, which I find fantastic as spring weather can be unpredictable. Also, they’re super easy to clean, as the patent leather can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If the super polished look isn’t your thing, they also look great all beat up, adding to that grungy, lived in aesthetic I totally live for. 


The Cutest Mini Backpack You can Find 

        Honestly, it doesn't matter what season it is for this piece to work, but with warmer weather, I find a backpack works perfectly because of how low maintenance it is to carry. Personally, I don’t like having to carry a lot of things in my hands, so lugging around a purse isn’t for me. But a mini backpack is the best of both worlds for both style and function. I recently got a yellow corduroy one from PacSun and I couldn’t be more pleased. Not only is it a super cute spring color that goes with practically any outfit, but it is also small enough to not be a hassle, and has enough room to hold a water bottle, a light jacket, and all the essentials such as my phone, wallet, keys, etc.  


        So now it’s your turn to turn to your own closet and give it a little spring freshening, add some color, rediscover old pieces, and have fun with your clothes. Maybe it’s just me, but an outfit can make or break your day. The way you present yourself can heavily influence your mood, confidence, and the way people see you. So use your clothes as an opportunity to express yourself and your individuality without a single spoken word.