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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Back from break? Start of the spring semester or quarter? TIME TO CLEAN! Usually, the first week or two back from break is slower and it makes the perfect time to do a deep spring clean!

Kitchen/ dining room

  • Unplug and wipe down all appliances 
  • Wash any dishes you see are dirty 
  • Deep clean your sink
  • Clean out the refrigerator and pantry by throwing out expired food and disinfecting all shelves 
  • Turn on the cleaning mode of your oven and let it clean while you clean the stove top. Remember if you have gas stove, take apart the top and deep clean each piece 
  • Swiffer or mop the floor

living room/ front entrance

  • Dust around the windows, blinds, lights, and ceiling fans (this is where most dust is collected) 
  • Vacuum any carpeted areas or mop any wood or tile floors
  • Vacuuming your couch can get a lot of pet fur or hair off of it so I strongly recommend this! 
  • Wash the windows- windex works great for this 
  • Disinfect surfaces such as side tables, TV stands, etc 
  • Get a cute spring wreath or welcome sign for your front door! 
  • Clean your doormats
  • Make sure all shoes are put away in their respectful area


  • Wash those bed sheets including the pillowcases! 
  • Wash whatever clothes you need to
  • Get rid of any clothes you didn’t wear in fall and winter time
  • Organize your closet
  • Clean and disinfect any surfaces in your room such as a night stand, desk, etc. 
  • Vacuum any rugs or carpets
  • Wipe your dirty mirror with windex


  • Organize any medicine cabinet/drawer
  • Clean out and throw away any expired or not used products
  • Clean all your shelves 
  • Clean the sink, faucet, shower/bathtub 
  • Wipe down surfaces and mirrors 
  • Clean any towels that seem dirty

Turn on some music and have some fun while cleaning! It will help you feel prepared to tackle the semester! If you’re in the Ellensburg area or a CWU student keep an eye on our Instagram as we will be selling some clothes in a couple weeks!

Hi y'all! I am a 4th year at Central Washington University! I am double majoring in psychology and biology with a specialization in biomedicine. I love crocheting! From sweaters to blankets to socks! I think it's so cool how we can create things out of just a bundle of yarn! I also love rabbits! My rabbit's name is Flynn and he loves bananas. Taylor Swift is my go-to girl for any kind of feeling!