Spooky Myths of Washington

Although most commonly known for its diverse ecosystems and natural beauty, the State of Washington is also known for a vast amount of sinister sightings that spread all over a seemingly peaceful map. Washington has a dark side; a side full of creepy myths that might just compel the adventurous thrill-seekers to go looking for places to experience the supernatural for themselves. Because the end of October is nearing, and the chills of Halloween are beginning to fill our hearts and minds, here’s just a small handful of stories to enlighten your minds on the spooks that Washington claims as its own.


The 13 Steps to Hell – Maltby, WA

One of the most chilling stories of all is the legend of the 13 Steps to Hell, located in Maltby, WA, just 24 miles north of Seattle. In the Malby Cemetery, built in the early 1900’s, lies the tomb of a wealthy family, with withered cement stairs leading down to the back entrance. Witnesses have said that descending the steps give a chilling feeling, and if you are brave (and foolish) enough to make it to the 13th step, you will get an actual vision of Hell. It is said that children have descended the steps and returned, but not the same: many became mute after whatever vision they saw. After many accounts and people breaking into the cemetery, the stairs were bulldozed over and destroyed. Still though, some people go looking for the steps, trespassing upon the Maltby Cemetery grounds and digging around the graves.


Mel’s Hole – Ellensburg, WA

Mel’s Hole, located in Ellensburg, WA is a mysterious, circular opening in the ground that is believed to be bottomless. The pit is just big enough to throw dead animals down – as it I rumored. It is told that the hole was used to dispose of sick cattle. It is also rumored that a man threw his dead dog down the hole, only to see the it reappear out of the trees in the distance, trotting along. Since it was first discovered, there have been claims of a mysterious red beam shining up from its depths during certain times of day. Today, people say that animals seem to avoid this area.


The Ghost of Dryden Hall

Located at Eastern Washington University, Dryden Hall is another creepy place within Washington. Along the outside of the north wing of this building, a screaming face can be seen – but only at night. Assumed to be tricks of the light, the school decided to change the exterior lighting, but to no avail. The mysterious face could still be seen and still can.


Campbell House, Spokane

The Campbell house, located in Spokane Washington is among the haunted places in Washington that you can visit today. In the early 1900’s, a kidnapper came through the house, murdering 3 of the children who lived there, and taking the fourth. The child was never found. Within the home is a portrait of Amasa Campbell, the mother of the four children, Visitors say her eyes follow you as you walk around the house (as if she’s searching for the murderer). Visitors also claim a sense of dread will come over you as you enter.


Northern State Mental Hospital, Sedro Woolley

Located in Sedro Woolley, Washington, is what was once known as Northern State Mental Hospital. Between 1912 and 1973, thousands of mentally ill, who were then called “insane” were brought in to be treated. The “insane” were people with things like depression, post-menopause, ADD, and dementia as well as other, more severe forms of mental illness. Treatment for the mentally ill back then included some harsh techniques that are more than just frowned upon in today’s time. Lobotomies, electric shock therapy, and experimental medicines were all used within this facility. Thousands of people died from these unethical “treatments.” Today, the facility still stands, but is used, in part, for rehabilitation as well as a recreation center. It also has a cemetery for the patients who passed away in its insane-asylum days. Knowing the history of the building, it’s impossible to step foot inside without getting a chilling feeling, and remembering the poor souls whose lives were lost to doctors that were supposed to help them.


Have you experienced any of these places, or something similarly sinister? Comment below and share your story!