Shoutout To All The Moms

Honestly, mother’s day should be every day because personally, I can not condense how much I love my mom into 24 hours. Mom’s (and mother figures) do so much for us, and I bet a lot of it we have taken for granted in the last 20 some years of our lives (the bathroom doesn't magically clean itself). There are so many things that you maybe forget to tell your mom on a daily basis, or even ever, and you should.  Mothers are amazing and strong women and being recognized for doing so is a very uplifting feeling which everyone, not just mommas deserve (remember that!). The next time you talk to your mom, make sure to mention how grateful you are that she listens to your constant complaining, always had dinner on the table for you, and worked so hard to give you the life you have.  

Moms are the greatest support systems, and they always have your back, and will always be there no matter what. I know for my mom, she is my best friend and I am so grateful that she answers EVERY SINGLE one of my phone calls (there are days I call multiple times).  Mothers are so much more than the woman who raised us, they are our teachers, nurses, cheerleaders, inspirational speakers, and sidekicks. So don’t forget to thank your mom for giving you life this upcoming mother’s day and every day after that.  And even to the moms reading this, you rock and are so greatly appreciated.


From the girls of Her Campus CWU, Happy Mother’s Day to the moms of the past, present, and future.