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One of my favorite things to do around Halloween is to read or listen to scary stories. They not only set the mood as the leaves change color and as the temperature drops below 60 degrees, but they also put you in the Halloween spirit. For this article, I chose a few stories that I have enjoyed reading over the years. 

If you enjoy scary stories and are looking for a fun activity to do this Halloween with friends, then look no further than telling some scary stories at a gathering or around a campfire. With this being said, I hope you consider telling one of these stores for your next spooky gathering or campfire. 

*Lights a candle* Read if you dare!

1. the bELL WITCH

If you love all things history, especially stories on the supernatural side, then this story is for you. The Bell Witch tells the true story of the Bell family and their encounters with a malicious paranormal entity during the Victorian era. Even more scary, is that these events were one of few cases in which someone was murdered by a paranormal entity. 


The Bell Witch | True Story | Scary For Kids

For those who prefer to listen to a recorded version:

The Legend of the Bell Witch – YouTube

2. island of the dolls (isla de las munecas)

If you enjoy reading about haunted locations and have a knack for doll horror, consider giving this one a read. The Island of the Dolls is a tourist destination located south of Mexico City. The inhabitants of this island are dolls, which can be found hanging on tree branches and buildings. It is believed that the dolls were hung as a tribute to the death of a young girl who drowned on the island.


Island of the Dolls | Scary For Kids

For a more detailed story:

The Island of the Dolls Has a Murky and Terrifying History | Travel and Exploration | Discovery

3. any story from scary stories to tell in the dark

For those who dare to experience the nostalgia and spookiness that was Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, consider telling your favorite story around a campfire or gathering this Halloween. A few stories from this anthology that sent chills down my spine growing up were “Green Ribbon”, “Big Toe”, and “Teeth”.


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark | Scary For Kids

I hope you enjoy reading these stories this Halloween and they make for a night filled with fun and spookiness.

XO Her Campus

Hi there! I am third-year student at CWU majoring in psychology with a minor in theatre arts. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading, singing, and exercising.