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As Spooky season begins couples everywhere are scrounging for cute costumes for their upcoming Halloween events, photo-ops and whatever else life may have in store. However, for sapphic couples costume ideas can be harder to come by, so I have come up with a list of adorable costumes for my fellow women loving women and their loves. If any of the costume descriptions has an * by them I’ve included a few caption ideas just for fun.

  1. Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake – while not a canon couple in any of the Scooby-Doo iterations, this couple has recently become a fan favorite among queer women. Not only is this couple costume easily recognizable in the best way, it is also incredibly versatile. You can go for the Classic Velma and Daphne looks or even go for a sexier version like Linda Cardellini’s iconic jumpsuit from Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. Some websites even have specifically sexy designs of these fan favorite costumes so you can find something in the comfort zone of you and your partner. * Solving the mystery of love has been our greatest adventure, With you even if the monsters are real I’m willing to unmask them 
  1. Idea number 2 is more for the soft cottagecore couple and I have personally never seen it done before but consider Milk and Honey. Now to me this idea is the perfect amount of sweet and humorous depending on which route you take. One way to do this idea is one person dressed up as a cow and the other dressed as a honeybee. However, you could also go the more obvious route of dressing as the classic milk carton and a honeypot. Although the ideas don’t stop there you can go for a more abstract version where one is in all white and the other is in a golden yellow color and make the idea more noticeable by making headbands of each pouring over your head.
  1. Ares and Aphrodite – now this idea is another one I have never seen but think would be so cute for those couples that are opposites/have completely different aesthetics. For Aphrodite a white and gold tunic style dress and then for Ares a Greek Warrior costume as he is the God of war. Even if everyone doesn’t get the concept once you explain it it’s easy to see and any Percy Jackson nerds would definitely get a kick out of it. * All is fair in love and war, If our love starts a war we’ll hold hands through it all
  1. Hefner and a bunny – a Halloween classic usually reserved for heterosexual couples but honestly this as a Sapphic costume would be on a whole other level. 
  1. Amy Bradshaw and Lucy Diamond from the movie D.E.B.S. First things first about this costume if you’ve never seen the movie picture gay Charlie’s Angels with enemies to lovers. All you need for Amy is a blue and white school girl uniform and Lucy Diamond is as simple as a black bodysuit. Even if this costume isn’t as easily recognizable as the others I’ve said it’s still such a cute idea for you and your partner. * She stole my heart so for revenge I’ll steal her last name
  1. Alice and Robin from Once Upon a Time. Now this is one of my favorite canon couples and the costume for it is another one that is incredibly versatile. You can either go with the characters’ looks from the show or instead go with their more classic character iterations that everyone is familiar with either way this is a sure fire cute sappho approved couples costume. * Even across storybrook we’ll always know each other
  1. Raven and Starfire
  1. Harley and Ivy * I guess you could say she’s growing on me
  1. Romeo and Juliet * In this version we live happily ever after
  1. Hufflepuff and Slytherin * She’s slithered into my heart and I couldn’t be happier
  1. Amity and Luz * Stay away from my human

I hope you enjoyed these costume ideas and if not hopefully they at least inspire you in your search for the perfect costume. Have a great spooky season babes and be safe! 

Her Campus CWU Writer Current Junior at Central Washington University Majoring in Liberal Studies with a Business minor A yellow enthusiast through and through