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Most of the time when podcasts are recommended they are aimed to offer self help or advice. While that is great, sometimes listening to podcasts just for fun is the way to go, or if you want to learn something that isn’t necessarily helpful. Here are my recommendations for when you just want to listen and laugh.

  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast hosted by Allaiana Urquhart and Ash Kelley
    • My favorite true crime podcast. I love the dynamic the hosts have with one another. Using a mix of comedy and true crime, they take on a wide range of cases, from the Salem witch trials, to Jack the ripper, to sharing spooky stories listeners send in (listener tales). There are over 200 episodes so if you get hooked you’ll be able to continue listening! Ash and Allaiana cover their cases in depth providing that they do extensive research before recording, this makes several cases have multiple parts which leaves the listeners eager and excited for the next part to come out. They make long drives easy as pie!
  • Two Hot Takes hosted by Morgan Absher and her team of co-hosts 
    • Heard of the reddit thread, “am I the a**hole?” Morgan takes these stories and shares them while adding her hilarious comedy with her co-hosts. With a mix of co-host you get a variety of different opinions for each story told. The range of topics and stories discussed on this show, from bridezilla to crazy in law stories. It is also super fun to listen to and see if Morgan and the co-host agree with you and your thoughts!
  • Wild ‘Til 9 hosted by Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) and Jeremy Lewis 
    • This is a great podcast for background work when you want a sound to sometimes tune in but can’t listen or comprehend a story at the moment. Lauren and Jeremy discuss the happenings in their lives on a weekly basis as well as some current pop culture news and moments. As a pre-teen in the early 2010’s I grew up watching LaurDIYs youtube videos so hearing what she has to say about life now is fascinating (and makes me feel old)!

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