The Pill Club - Quick and Easy Birth Control for All Women

Birth control is a vital part of sexual health and a necessity for most women. Whether you’re using birth control to regulate your cycle, clear your skin, to curb the pain of endometriosis, prevent unwanted pregnancy or the plethora of other reasons birth control is used you deserve to have full access to the pill best fit for you. Not every woman has the time for the ability to get their contraceptive the traditional way, and sometimes it can be a hassle filled with extra appointments and late refills and that's the reason The Pill Club was created. 

The Pill Club is an online subscription service filled with a team of nurses and a pharmacy team dedicated to finding the best fit birth control for you. When you sign up you answer a series of questions regarding your biggest concerns and needs from your birth control, and someone from their team reviews your report and texts you directly. Through their texting, you create a personal relationship and with your input and their expert knowledge they pick the brand for you. One of the best parts of The Pill Club is the cost, not only do they accept most insurances and inform of any co-pay prices beforehand they allow you to pay without insurance and have many affordable options to ensure that no matter your situation you’re able to take control of your reproductive health. 

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We believe that your body is yours and yours alone. We know you might be facing hurdles when trying to obtain reproductive healthcare, so we’re committed to improving access. Now you can make informed decisions about your reproductive health and overall well-being. That's real power!
- The Pill Club's Mission

Once you’re all set and ready to receive the package, you’ll get frequent text updates until it’s delivered. When your Birth Control arrives it's in discreet packaging with no obvious labels to protect your privacy and not only includes your birth control (generally a three month supply, unless controlled by insurance) but free emergency contraception, information booklets on everything included, a cute sticker, chocolate and a free sample of a different hygiene product. 

The service doesn’t stop there, The Pill Company is always available through text to ask any questions, check-in and if you want to change your prescription or cancel your services. The Pill Club is a revolutionary service that allows women to take back their reproductive control no matter what state you live in, your insurance and your needs. My experience has been amazing and I recommend it to any woman who has no access, or just wants birth control to be easy- as it should be!