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The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Like most college students, I developed an intense caffeine addiction from the time I was a teenager. And after spending tons of money at Starbucks and other local coffee shops, I started to look into other ways to consume the ever-powerful bean water. Once I started looking around for a coffee machine, I actually received a Nespresso Vertuo as a birthday present. The cool thing about the Nespresso is that it uses espresso pods instead of coffee pods. And since I like my coffee to be very strong, the Nespresso was a great fit for me. 

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The Nespresso Vertuo is a little unique because you don’t get to choose your cup size like on other coffee machines. Each Nespresso pod features a barcode that the machine reads when the pod is placed in the machine. The barcode tells the machine what size cup is perfect for that pod. I really like this feature because I sometimes get a not-so-great cup of coffee because the cup size was not right for the coffee.

As for the taste of the Nespresso pods, I think they are SO delicious. They taste as close to real espresso as a machine can taste, and the coffee is nice and foamy on top. I also got the matching milk foamer, because why not? I love getting to wake up every morning and sip on a yummy latte from the comfort of my own home. 

If you’re looking for a good coffee machine that won’t give you a watered-down cup of coffee, then I would definitely recommend the Nespresso Vertuo!



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