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Whether it was a power surge, or a powerful surge of symbolism striking our nations worldwide, our own Lady Liberty has turned out her lights the same day as  the “Day Without Women” movement began. In more than 50 countries worldwide, women are making it a point to stand up for themselves and make a point that a world without women would be no world at all. Turning out Ms. Liberty’s lights is promoting an international message that she as well supports the cause.

On the night of March 7th, our Lady Liberty could have decided that she was finally fed up. But why wouldn’t she be? Not only does she have to put on a pretty face and stand tall with pride every damn day for work, she does it for no pay! Which is oddly similar to just what women are striking for the day she called it quits. Additionally, it’s not like she just called it outright quits and turned all her lights out at once, she left her torch and crown to light up the New York skyline, as she helped protest for all the true queens out there. Whether or not she was tired of standing out in the cold for a government that doesn’t stand for her rights, or she was flat out done with the BS we label as “women’s rights”, either way it’s one hell of a news line to get the point across. Make sure to join women worldwide and our Lady L. to stand up for not only women’s rights, but also to back your fellow sisters!

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