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With vaccinations becoming readily available and countries beginning to open their borders, I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling. And if you’re anything like me then you’re probably ballin on a budget and can really only bring a carry-on when traveling by plane! Here are some of my favorite travel tips when you need to be light on spending!


Roll Your Clothes

You may have heard this tip before, but rolling your clothes can save SO much space in a carry-on bag. Doing this means more room for clothes and things you’ll be bringing back from your travels.


Keep Your Liquids in an Accessible Place

I get really bad airport anxiety, especially in the security line. I hate taking up a lot of time trying to search for my liquids, so I like to keep them either in my backpack or in an outside pocket in my carry-on. This way you won’t have to dig for ten minutes to find your liquids floating in your carry-on!


Wear Your Bulkiest Clothing

If you plan on bringing tennis shoes or a jacket when traveling, then just wear those to the airport! Airplanes are usually a little chilly and doing this can save even more room in your carry-on.


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