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My Top 10 Favorite Woman Artists On Instagram

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As an artist, I have my own art account and follow other fellow artists for inspiration. I follow numerous amounts of people, but I wanted to highlight my favorite woman artists on Instagram. This listicle is in no particular order but, I wanted to highlight these amazing artists. There are a different type of artists that use different mediums in this list and own their own small businesses. Definitely check these amazing people out on Instagram, and even better, buy or commission something!


Instinct Design Co. is from my hometown and she does graphic design! I worked with her during the summer of 2023 and I had the best time assisting her and observing her design in real time.

Instinct Design Co. is a woman-owned design studio focused on cheering on other female business owners, founded on the belief that the key to thriving and avoiding burnout is having other women who have been there in your corner.




Lily Rose Burgess is one of my favorite current artists out there, she creates the most beautiful oil paintings. The saturation of the color is my favorite part about it, it feels nostalgic.




Mainly dog illustrations, Harriet Lowther makes the funkiest illustrations with different mediums. She even sells items with her illustrations on them, tote bags, pins, shirts, etc.




Only 19 with 452K followers on Instagram, Camila Salinas creates the most wonderful art mainly consisting of realistic self-portraits. Her main medium of use is acrylic paint, I use that medium and she is very inspiring to me as an artist.




Kezia’s artwork is amazing and I absolutely adore her art style, she mainly paints and does some whimsical self-portraits in her work. I definitely recommend checking out her artwork, it is so impressive.



This mixed media artist uses colors so saturated and textures so wonderful you find something new every time you see her artwork. Crystal is a creative genius and it is definitely worth your time to check out her Instagram!




Felicia Chiao’s illustrations are so cohesive and have the most pleasing color palettes. Her artwork has themes of mental health and everyday life which are very relatable, there is even a surrealist twist to some of her work which I enjoy a lot.




One of my favorite artists EVER! Shanna uses lovely pastel color palettes, with a prominent art style while she paints, it is very easy to recognize her work. I actually own one of her prints and she left me a nice note inside, artist-to-artist!




Romy is an amazing illustrator and hones her skills into tattooing people! I definitely want to get a tattoo from her someday, the line art style is so pleasing to the eye.




Gabrielle Rogers creates the most wonderful surrealist artworks, surrealism is one of my favorite art styles and she does such an amazing job at it. If you enjoy surrealist art, definitely check her out.



Hello! My name is Zoey Ryan and I am obtaining my BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Art History at Central Washington University. I am very passionate about people, and telling human stories. I love going to concerts, collecting records/ vinyl, listening to music, drinking matcha, thrifting, and making all kinds of art.