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My Four Fave LuluLemon Legging Dupes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

If you’re like me, leggings have been your #1 wardrobe staple during quarantine. But a good pair of leggings can sometimes cost $75 or more, and that does not fit the budget of a college student. Leggings from brands like LuLuLemon and GymShark boast high-quality products, but with a high price tag. After searching the internet, I have gathered a list of the best leggings that match the quality of LuLuLemon but without the high-quality cost.

Unsplash / Bruce Mars

Colorfulkoala Buttery High-Waisted Leggings

If you spend hours on TikTok like me, you’ve probably seen the leggings. They are SO SOFT, have a nice waistband, and come in a ton of different colors! These leggings are also seamless, which is a huge plus.


Queenieke Yoga Leggings

This is another brand I found while perusing TikTok, and these are similar to the Colorfulkoala leggings. The waistband is a little bit thicker than the Buttery leggings, but I actually prefer this because the leggings stay up a bit easier.


Core 10 Nearly Naked Leggings

These leggings are a near dupe for the LuluLemon Align legging for less than half the cost! They also offer from size small to 3X in these leggings!


Yogalicious Ultra Soft Leggings

While this brand does not offer the best size range, they are still a great option for those wanting a LuluLemon dupe.


I know, I know, all of these brands are sold on Amazon. And while I know that supporting Amazon is not the best option, I simply do not have the money to support a racist and sizeist brand like LuluLemon! 


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