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Since moving into my own place after freshman year, I have accumulated quite the collection of house plants (like every other college student). Some have perished over the years, but I have a few favorites that have lasted me quite a long time! Here are some of my favorite house plants.

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Monstera Deliciosa 

Stick this plant in a bright spot and she will FLOURISH! Watering a Monstera is pretty simple, I usually water mine once a week, at the most.


Snake Plant

Now, after having this plant for almost two years I can say that she is STURDY. Snake plants don’t mind changes in temperature, which is great living in Central Washington, and you only have to water them like once every two weeks. They are a great starter house plant and are nearly impossible to kill!


Marbled Pothos

This plant was my first house plant, and she lasted me about a year and a half before dying. I could have gotten more life out of her if I lived in a more humid environment, but alas, my Pothos was here for a good time and not a long time. Watering your pothos is just as simple as a Monstera. I like to stick my finger about an inch into the soil and if it’s dry then I’ll give her a drink!


Chinese Money Plant

Another great beginner house plant, Chinese Money plants like a decent amount of light and not too much water. Use the finger in the soil trick when watering her, as well.


I’ll be honest, I love my plants (not like my own children, weird). They make the air in my apartment cleaner by simply existing, and they look great, too! I even have two cats and have managed to keep them away by putting orange peels in the soil of all my plants! No matter the amount of light in your space, there is always a perfect plant for you. Like this article? Be sure to check out our other features this week!


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