'Married at First Sight' Season 10, What Happened in the Finale

If you’re a fan of reality television like me, chances are you have seen or heard about Married at First Sight. I don’t know what it is, but this show is just so fascinating. The whole premise is that two complete strangers literally get legally married for eight weeks. After being matched by marriage experts the couples meet for the first time AT THE ALTER! I can't even imagine not knowing the person you are committing yourself to, these people are surely brave. Just as a quick disclaimer, there will be several spoilers to the season finale, so if you don’t want to know, watch the episode and come back. Now I haven't been watching this show for all ten seasons, but I have been watching for quite some time, thanks to mom, she got me hooked! The most season is full of entertaining fights, along with cute and loveable moments from the couples. What can I say is this show makes good T.V. But this season just felt off. In previous showings, most of the couples have a good relationship and only a few fights. But this season, every couple had several fights, almost every week there was at least one huge argument. In the end, there were some unexpected outcomes, based on what was seen over the past eight weeks. This is what happened to the couples of Married at First Sight.   

Jessica and Austin  

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd both 31 years old, were my favorite couple. So, I am slightly biased, but they are just so cute together! Both timid and shy people, this match was so perfect. Jessica, a registered nurse, and Austin, a traveling sales associate for a tech company, ran into a couple of arguments later into the season when Jessica realized how often Austin would be gone for work. Although this may put a damper on their relationship, the couple is determined to find a way to make it work. In the end, on decision day, they both decided to stay married, and Austin even said “I love you” for the first time to Jessica. Warning, you may cry like a baby, as I did, and Dr. Piper on the show.   

Brandon and Taylor  

Brandon Reid, 34, and Taylor Dunklin, 27, had a hard marriage from the beginning. Although both people seemed to be into this for the long run, their personalities and lack of communication got in the way. Starting back from the second week into marriage, when the couple went onto their honeymoon, Brandon became upset with Taylor after she was caught recording her husband sleeping. Later into those days, Brandon expressed his hatred of being on camera and even cussed out his wife in front of all the other couples. With that going down, Taylor never forgave Brandon, to the point where she made an Instagram video saying that she was single and ready to mingle. This, of course, upset Brandon, they stopped speaking to each other. Brandon moved out and wanted a divorce. However, once the camera wasn't around Taylor and Brandon were spotted meeting up. But when it came to decision day, Brandon was extremely disrespectful to the cast and crew, so Taylor said she didn’t want to continue the marriage. Brandon seemed shocked and upset, leading him to storm off the set-in rage without even saying goodbye.   

couple holding hands Adriana Velasquez

Meka and Michael  

Meka Jones, 25, and Michael Watson 31, never had a good relationship. From day two Meka lost all trust in Michael when he said allegedly off-camera that he needed to sleep with her over the honeymoon to take this marriage seriously. Meka was discussed and Michael never admitted to saying this to his wife. Meka refused to let Michael sleep in the same bed with her and even kicked him out of the hotel room. These two are just opposites and never could see eye to eye. Michael's lying never seemed to stop. He got caught lying about his career, his hobbies, his income, and even things that he enjoys. Meka didn’t get an answer for why he couldn't be honest, and for those reasons, Meka wanted a divorce on decision day. The only response Michael gave was, “I don’t believe in divorce”, but unfortunately his marriage had come to an end.   

Derek and Katie  

Derek Sherman 26, and Katie Conrad, 25, had one of the most unique relationships I’ve ever seen on this show. Although the first four weeks were all smooth sailing, Katie began to see some issues with her husband. Katie didn’t like how much of a dreamer Derek is, which I’m not even sure why along with being upset with his lack of initiative. But this didn’t end there, during the couples retreat Katie didn’t like the way Derek talks to other girls and was suspicious with his claims of “never being in love”. Derek just didn’t know how to handle all Katie's complaints, but even though she was a negative Nancy, Derek continued to love her. In the end, Derek on decision day expressed his love for Katie and how he wanted to make things work. Although Katie was hesitant at first to say yes even saying “I’m torn” before speaking, she agreed she wanted to make things work.   

Zach and Mindy  

Zach Justice, 32, and Mindy Shiben 34 had a very sad relationship. On their wedding day, Zach and Mindy seemed to be head over heels in love. But once the honeymoon came around things didn’t seem so nice anymore. Mindy started claiming that Zach was expressing disappointment in her appearance and telling her that he felt no attraction. Mindy didn’t know what to say so she internalized all of Zach’s negative comments. Once the honeymoon was over, Zach refused to move in with Mindy because he didn’t think it was right for him. Mindy tried week after week to get Zach to move in and to spend time together, but he wasn’t whiling to even try. In the last two weeks, Mindy finds out that Zach had been speaking to one of her friends behind her back which of course ended up being a huge issue, leading everyone to assume he was being unfaithful. Mindy divorced Zach the following week before decision day to set herself free from this manipulator.    

So, there you go, that is everything that happened in the season finale of Married at First Sight. I have to say I will miss this show, I do not want to wait so long for the next season, but the teasers do look great! In about a week the show will be having a five-month update on the couples, but I have to say it doesn’t look too good for the couples. What did you think about this season? And who were your favorite couples? Let us know on our social media, have a great day, and stay safe ladies.