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Now more than ever, a good study playlist is needed with school starting back up and Zoom University taking place. Inside my playlist are some forgotten goodies, new favorites, and even some hidden gems from none other than Tik Tok. Despite how amazing these songs are, I also tried to make sure that most of them weren’t overly hype. I wouldn’t want anyone abandoning their homework for a very early 2000's indie main character dance montage. With this fall playlist that I am still slowly curating I hope someone can find a song or artist that they enjoy. Here is just a preview of a few songs, their vibes, and even some lyrics that I love.

Backseat Dreamin' - Görl     

[bf_image id="qewlsp-ebcg48-fg38xr"] This song feels like a fun ride through the tunnels while you and a friend stick your heads out of a sunroof laughing hysterically. The music also has a little bit of an Adventure Time feel just by the vocals and how they are edited. 

Boys and Girls - Jaden Smith

Boys and Girls is a song from Jaden Smith’s latest album, Cool Tape Vol.3 (CTV3). The song feels like a bittersweet resolution of a movie. Maybe things aren’t how they need to be right now, but it can change if we try. I love the lyrics from inside the song, “If the world turned dark and fell apart, you still have the love light in your heart.”

My Person - Spencer Crandall     

[bf_image id="k7thw7z5swckvgj95r3j9mr"] My Person is just your classic country love song that gives you all the feels. It makes you feel so good and happy even if you haven’t found your person yet. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy country music I feel like this song just makes you feel butterflies.

UrbanAngel1999 - Thomas Headon     

This song was one of my fortunate Tik Tok finds that as soon as I heard it I knew I had to add it to my playlist. I don’t even really know how to describe the song, so I’ll just leave you with some lyrics before you listen. “I’m kinda scared I’ll lose you half the time, I’m insecure alright. But with you, I feel fine”.

Daydreaming - Marc Wavy [bf_image id="q5nd31-bxtj2g-cvdhi8"]

This is a peaceful day driving through the backroads of your small town with the windows rolled down as the wind blows through your hair song. The vibe from listening to it makes you feel like doing all the things you’ve ever planned to do with your best friends together. It just gives you that feeling of daydreaming, but knowing one day it won’t be a daydream anymore.

These are just a few of the discoveries I have made so far, but if you want to hear more of my Main Character Studying playlist just click here. I hope some of these tunes are able to bring you some peace throughout the quarter while studying!

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