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Lucky You: Chinese New Year

“Lucky You”:  No longer just a saying in your Lucky Brand jeans! If you find yourself born in the years 1984, 1996, 2008, or are expecting then you are born in the year of the rat! While this sounds less appealing than you hoped, the rat is considered very lucking in Chinese culture. Being the first animal to win the Zodiac race, people born in the year of the rat are considered spirited, witty, alert, delicate, and flexible. The rat’s lucky colors are gold, blue, and green, so think about incorporating those colors into your wardrobe to promote more luck during your year!

Color Ideas

Incorporate your lucky colors into your bedroom with this cute color pallet!! This color pallet is balanced with the navy and green with gold as the accent color. Having the right color pallet makes your room a relaxing oasis and being born in the Year of the Rat means you should try these colors out! I was a bit skeptical at first with these colors, but the more I looked into navy, green, gold color schemes, I found I really like them together. So try it out, you might be plesently surprised!

Decorating Ideas

Here is some inspiration if you are in the mood to redecorate!! I am all about these chairs with the adorable print! I love how this room is decorated mostly navy and gold with green accents, it really ties the room together. And remember when using multiple colors use the 60-30-10 rule: 60% using your main color, 30% using your secondary color, and 10% using your accent color.

Living Room Accessories

Here are cute ideas for decorating your living room! I love all the gold accents!! This nice LA inspired look will spice up any room. Adding a big mirror will make your room feel bigger.

Bedroom Inspiration

This bedroom is so simple! Paint is inexpensive, especially if you have a small bedroom. The gold toned blanket works perfectly, balancing out the boldness of the teal wall. And who doesn’t love blanket shopping?!?! Adding gold accessories is easy and fun to shop for too! I love Etsy for all things accessories!

Affordable Accents

Here is a cute light switch cover set! This is also an easy way to change things up in your bedroom without spending lots of money. Or you can craft this yourself! We love any excuse to craft!

All That Glitter

Get flirty and try new makeup!! If you have been wanting to try glitter, this is YOUR YEAR! Be bold, and just go for it! Perfect for a night out on the town with all your boss babes!

Gold Please

This is another makeup option if the glitter was out of your comfort zone. Boss babes use this bold and daring look to exude confidence! The gold eye shadow will enhance your eyes no matter what color you have!

Night Fashion

I love the green and blue wrap! This is such a great idea especially here in Ellensburg where the weather is a little crazy and temps are unpredictable at times. The gold accessories are such a great touch to this outfit. And the cheetah print shoes give this look a little flirty side. This is perfect for a night out with the ladies!

Day Fashion

Here is a cute casual look in your lucky colors! And if you’re really embracing your year, try a new hair style or hair cut! This is the year to try all things new!! This is the perfect outfit for spring here in Ellensburg. Channel your inner Natalie Portman with this casual look.

Vintage Fashion

Here is a cute vintage inspired outfit with all your lucky colors! Whatever style you wear, you are bound to have good luck in blue, gold and green! We are in the ’20s again, so naturally it’s time to bring back 1920’s fashion. 2020 flapper girl inspired clothes are definitely a thing this year!

This is your year! Go out and make the best of it. This is the year of good fortune for your education and career. It is also extra important this year to invest time into the people you love, check up on them a little more, they would love to hear from you. This year is also a leap year, so take advantage of the extra day! Stay open to new things this year, you never know, this just might be the year you make huge changes and embrace life even more!

Current CWU student. Business Administration major specializing in Supply Chain Management. PNW Native. Vintage clothing enthusiast, animal lover, world traveler, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
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