Let's Talk Adult Cartoons

It’s time to talk. We all know we have the guilty pleasure of watching those silly cartoons we either just can't seem to let go of or are too hilarious to be ashamed of watching. It’s time, adult cartoons are a thing and as college students we condone your endless cartoon watching. Honestly, we hope it never ends.  

Here are some of our favorite cartoons we hope you don't miss out while your "adulting." 

Adventure Time  

Finn, a 12 year old human, is constantly battling evil in The Land of Ooo. His fun filled adventures with his best friend, Jake the Dog are sure to entertain the child in all of us!

Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez, a brilliantly mad and emotionless scientist, goes on adventures throughout the universe with his grandkids Morty and Summer. Beth, Ricks daughter, and her husband Jerry often argue about these so called “adventures.” Jerry often tries to get through to Beth and the rest of his family about the danger of Rick, but constantly fails.

Family Guy 

This hilariously twisted series features the outrageous Griffin Family. Peter Griffin married to Lois Griffin have three children; Meg the social outcast, Chris the awkward child and Stewie a disturbingly genius baby set on destroying the universe, but is usually kept in line by the family's talking dog Brian, who is often dealing with his own life problems.


This spy sitcom focuses on the daily life of Sterling Archer a self appointed “World’s Greatest Secret Agent."

Bob’s Burgers

Bob Belcher, proud owner of the burger joint Bob's Burgers, is constantly trying to keep his restaurant afloat. Not to mention, Bob is always dealing with his quirky wife Linda’s jealous "Ex,” Hugo, who is coincidentally a health inspector. Hugo is dead set on closing Bob's Burgers down for good. Also, Bob and Linda have three crazy children Tina, Gene and Louise, who needless to say drive him a little nuts with their daily antics.

The Simpsons 

This hilarious comedy focuses on an amusing family in the town of Springfield, which is an unnamed US State. Homer Simpson and his wife Marge deal with constant “entertainment” when it comes to their troublemaker son Bart, their over achieving daughter Lisa and baby Maggie.


Brickleberry National Park was in its final stages of closing down, until a dysfunctional group of park rangers came to help save it without completely burning the place to the ground. Ethel, who was sent from Yellowstone National Park, is there to help save Brickleberry, then there's Steve who tries to do everything in his power to make Ethel look bad. Finally you have Head Ranger Woody Johnson, along with his pet grizzly cub, who attempts to run the place while keeping his park rangers in line.  

American Dad

Stan Smith is a CIA agent dedicated to his country. With ditzy housewife Francine, liberal daughter Hayley, and awkward teenage son Steve, you could say he has a pretty normal American life right? The family also has a talking fish named Klaus and an alien named roger, so things are sure to get a little crazy.

The Regular Show

Mordecai the bluejay and best friend Rigby the raccoon are lazy groundskeepers at a park who would rather have fun then ever actually do their job. Driving their boss Benson nuts, Mordecai struggles wanting to be responsible, but often gets distracted by his immature pal Rigby. 

Remember we’re all kids at heart, there is no shame in watching some hilarious cartoons every once in awhile or maybe all the time. We’ve all been there and to say the least… we’re all still there.