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Let’s Talk About Straws and The Ocean

We all know that straws are one of the biggest social movements we have seen towards saving the ocean, and for good cause! Plastic is one of the biggest and most detrimental evils to our marine life and has caused countless deaths. The Ocean makes up 71% of the planet, and we are it’s only advocates. Ditching plastic straws are just one of the many ways to help prevent even more damage to the Ocean. But, what we don’t always realize is that there are so many more ways to help save our Ocean than just straws! Here are at least 3 easy and simple ways you can help save our Ocean from millions of pounds of plastic and garbage. 

Reusable Water Bottles

More than 15,000 pieces of plastic are dumped into the ocean every day, and this includes plastic water bottles! Keeping my reusable water bottle on me is a huge priority, and by using the same bottle over and over, I am seriously reducing my plastic waste. By carrying a reusable water bottle, you would also reduce the oil used, bottles that are thrown away, and greenhouse gasses emitted. Reusable water bottles are also really functional because they can hold liquids for a fresher taste, hot or cold, for long periods of time! Also, reusable water bottles are super fun for all of us to feel a little bit unique, because there are hundreds of options and many of which are totally customizable! Plus, we all want to be hydrated, right?

Reusable Grocery Bags

Okay, those plastic grocery bags have got to go! Animals such as Dolphins or Sea Turtles ingest this everyday mistaking them for food, and it can cause a multitude of problems for our precious marine life. Let’s face it, these bags are flimsy and often times end up not being reusable, which then leads them to go straight to the garbage to end up in a landfill or our Ocean. In many areas, the grocery stores are now charging five cents per bag but that still does not stop the crazy flow of bags being tossed. These reusable bags are generally pretty cheap, they are usually around three dollars or less and they have a way larger capacity than the disposable ones. They are also way easier to carry and way more cute, as they come in so many designs! 

Reusable Produce Bags

It’s not uncommon to want to feel organized and together, I get that. We all really want to keep things in boxes, bags, and containers of some sort, and we still can! Reusable produce bags are super for the environment, and super for our organizational tendencies. Luckily for us, most of them are washer safe, so we don’t have to worry about the health and cleanliness of our produce. Produce bags are also nice for the fact that they won’t suffocate and smash our food, they can help to keep it fresh! You can find them online and in stores and are relatively inexpensive.

The whole idea behind these reusable products is that we want to preserve our Ocean. The marine life that is suffering can only hold on so long and it is up to us to stop this cycle from happening. Personally, I like to practice these three things throughout my daily life and I encourage everyone to do so as well. I know sometimes as college students, money can be really tight, but these three practices are some of the cheapest ways to contribute to this issue. I also find these practices to be really easy, all I have to do is remember to bring them with me! More ways that you can help can be found on various websites, but a favorite of mine is 4Ocean, which sells cool bracelets made from recycled ocean materials, as well as some of the products in this article. Always remember to conserve whenever possible, we only get one earth.

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